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Become The Favorite Among Private Escorts

Becoming the favorite among private escorts requires more than just good looks or a big wallet; it’s about respect, cleanliness, sanity, and honesty. Escorts are not just service providers but exceptional individuals deserving of the utmost respect and courtesy. Follow the four “Be’s” to transform into the perfect client and become the favorite among private escorts.

The four “Be’s” of being an A+ pupil of your favorite private escorts

Escorts are…


Teachers. Mentors. Confidants. Really awesome at sex… well, escorts are a lot of things. They’re fun and funny, kind, caring, intelligent, beautiful, and all in all- usually just really exceptional people. So of course, booking private escorts for the first time can be a little intimidating, especially if you want to get on their good side. Which, let’s just admit it- of course you do. 

Naughty Ads, one of Australia’s premier private escorts directory, has generously offered to give us a crash course in how to be the best apple-polisher in the bunch. 

Be a Gentleman 

Sure, it seems like it should go without saying, but for whatever reason, we need reminding. All standard rules of date etiquette apply, even when that date happens to be with private escorts. And particularly in the vein of private escorts- agency escorts, while it’s still important that you pull out your best manners and do your best not to act like a sentient dust mop- private escorts have a much higher overhead and fewer perks than agency escorts.

Which makes it even more important for clients to get on their good side, as most private escorts are very covetous of their time and efforts, expending either on only the best clients. Because even though it can be a bit more expensive and offer fewer administrative bonuses, being a private escort offers a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing your clientele. 


So, make sure that you open doors, genuinely compliment often, bring gifts, leave tips, speak softly, and all in all, just focus on being your joyous self. 

Be Clean 

Cleanliness is next to… well, let’s just say it will ensure that you have the absolute best experience with an escort. No just being showered, shaved, and deodorized, but looking sharp too. It’s a massive sign of respect that often gets overlooked. Clean your fingernails, get a haircut. Put on a nice suit, or a nice shirt.

Honestly, they say “dress for the job you want”, but you should also be dressing for the date you want. If you are looking to become a fan favorite with private escorts, you’re going to need to step it up. This doesn’t mean you need to look like a Hollywood celebrity but instead, it just needs to show that you’ve put a bit of thought and a bit of effort into your appearance. 

the favorite among private escorts

This- possibly above all else is how to get into the good books. Generally speaking, it not only does nice things for your date, but can help improve your confidence and the whole tone of the date.  

Be Sane 

Why does this need to even be mentioned? Well, you’d be surprised at how many clients completely lose their heads when it comes to private escorts. Please remember, these women are business associates. These women are not your girlfriends; they are not your wives. They may genuinely care about you as a person- but please understand they have zero romantic responsibility toward you. Don’t ask for freebies, don’t try and extend your time. Don’t call or text if they’re off the clock.

Frankly, don’t bother them unless you are paying for that luxury. It may sound harsh, but you have to understand that this is a business. Even though it can feel like much, much more. If you want to be the favourite, keep this rule closely in mind

Don’t be a stalker, okay? Just don’t. 

Be Honest 

For most clients, hiring an escort is basically the same thing as booking a day at the spa, or an hour with your favorite therapist. Sexy stuff aside, most escorts aim to please, by letting you indulge in the fantasy at hand. Giving you the space, you need to not worry about work, or the kids, or whatever else plagues your conscience during the waking hours. Also- they’re pretty great at making sexual dreams come true as well. Basically, becoming the Make-A-Wish program of adulthood, except you’re probably not dying, and they are definitely getting paid.

Don’t hesitate to open up to your favorite good-time companion. The more honest you are with them, the better they can acquiesce your needs and the more they can trust you. Trust is a huge part of being an escort, so gaining trust is just as important as booking regularly, showing up clean, and always being on time with the door open. 

massage industry

Body Rub Specialists Are Changing the US Massage Industry

As a more intensive form of massage, pulling from ancient practices- body rubs have found their place in the US.

Massage has long been seen as something rich people do- or athletes- or almost anyone other than yourself. A luxury that few can afford and many hesitate to try. However, in these trying times, more people seem keen to indulge in comforting behaviors that aren’t normally part of their everyday schedule. With reports flooding in that people are eating more junk food, buying more extravagant things, and… having more sex.


Suggesting that being in a state of constantly facing our own demise may just make us all a bit more risk-tolerant. “It’s understandable that people are less risk-averse currently- just going to the grocery store now poses a risk to our lives.” Says Egypt, the proprietor of the site Elite Indulgence, and a long-time body rub specialist. But there are some risks that people not only seem keen to take, but are helping them process some of the weight of our current situation. “I think more people are opening themselves up to the usefulness of body rubs, because we are all looking for something that can help us through this trying time.”

Massage in the United States

The massage industry in the United States is a multi-billion dollar per year earning. Starting to content with other beauty and health and wellness industries. There are a huge number of injury and complaint specific massage services- such as sports massages, that focus on joints and flexibility, Swedish massage that combats sore muscles with a relaxing atmosphere and kneeling like approach, trigger-point massage that focuses on specific areas of knots or tightness. There is pretty much a massage therapist for what ails you. Well, almost.


For years, tantric massage, or body rubs had yet to find their niche in the US, but that seems to be changing. Possibly in response to lockdown measures following the covid-19 pandemic, the public sector seems to have shown an increase in interest for the type of spiritual and intimate experience that body rubs can offer. Few other massage styles aim to address the mind and body in the way that these ancient-made-modern rubs do.

What Body Rubs Do

A body rub specialist is trained in an ancient art that has been a part of Eastern cultures for millennia. Body rubs are a type of massage that is meant to do more than just soothe tired muscles, but also help comfort tired minds. The art of body rubs allows the mind to seamlessly connect with the body- no pain or discomfort, instead a soft touch that is intimate and secure. This helps to not only relieve physical stress, but also to quiet an anxious mind.


So, while traditional massages generally only address muscle groups and their aches and pains, leaving the mind to fend for itself- body rubs are a package deal. Many body rub specialists also offer other services, allowing clients to revel in a more relaxed and home-like atmosphere. This further enhances the feelings of security and intimacy that helps a body rub specialist to better guide their clients through achieving a body mind balance. Creating a total and enduring calm.