Teacher Sex

Teacher’s Pet: How to Become the Favorite Among Private Escorts

The four “Be’s” of being an A+ pupil of your favorite private escorts.  Escorts are…   Teachers. Mentors. Confidants. Really awesome at sex… well, escorts are a lot of things. They’re fun and funny, kind, caring, intelligent, beautiful, and all… Read More

Looking for Love

How to Find East Asian Women Looking for Love?

There is a common stereotype associated with Asian women, they say that they are very feminine and sexual and never challenge their spouse. For this reason, most western men are drawn to Asian women, especially those from eastern countries like… Read More

Depressed Sex

Sex And Depression – Lets Have a Cuppa!

Some of us have felt what it is like to have a bad day or a bad week, however once that week passes and you continue to be in a down state past 2 weeks; this is an early sign… Read More