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Dive into the adventurous tale of Martin and Linda as they explore “The New Sex Position,” a journey that redefines their intimate boundaries and breathes fresh excitement into their relationship. Witness their bold quest to perfect passion in unexpected ways.

Martin And Lina

Martin stepped out of the bedroom and walked into the kitchen where his wife was preparing breakfast. She was already dressed for work in a nice sleeveless top and black skirt. He loved seeing her in skirt and that was because he thought it was sexy. Whenever he saw his wife in any skirt, his mind begins to come up with many sexual moments.

Linda turned and saw him. She gave him a beautiful smile. “I wanted to wake you but it seemed you were having a glorious dream and I didn’t want to disturb the dream or you.

Martin smiled back. “I was actually having a wonderful dream but how did you know I was having a dream like that?”

“You were smiling and your face radiated pleasure,” Linda said.

“You want to guess?”

Guilty Pleasures

“You were either dreaming about what your next birthday gift would be or you were having a dream about me.”

“It’s the second,” Martin said. “I was actually dreaming about doing something with you.”

“Of a sexual nature.”

“That’s right.”

“Tell me.”

“I was dreaming about us having fun in a new sexual position,” Martin said.

Trying Something New

Linda laughed. “Martin! We have had sex in every sexual position known to man, each several times in fact. We have also had sex everywhere I can think of. In the car, in the bathroom, on this kitchen here. Remember when we had sex in the cinema? How about in the library?”

Marin laughed. “Of course I remember. We haven’t had sex in this position I am talking about.”

“Okay, what is the name of the position?”

“I don’t really have a name for it; all I know is that it is done against the wall,” Martin said.

Show And Tell –

Linda thought about it. Her mind seemed to be thinking about all of the sex they had had since the very first time they met each other. Martin watched her face and saw how she concluded that they hadn’t really had sex against the wall.

Martin walked slowly towards her. “Let me show you.”

the new sex position

Making Time For Pleasure

“Martin! I am going to be late for work! Let’s do this when I am back,” Linda said.

“Fortunately, you are the boss in your own company. You can get to work any time you want.”

“Martin…,” Linda was trying to protest but Martin reached her and kissed her to keep her from talking. She sighed and began to kiss him back.

Martin wrapped his arms around her waist and lay his hands on her buttocks through the skirt. Linda broke away from the kiss. “Don’t you dare make my clothes rough, Martin!”

Overflowing Passion – THE NEW SEX POSITION

“I can’t make any promise,” Martin said as he continued to kiss her mouth. He worked his way down to her neck and then her chest. Martin moved his hands up the back of her thighs and slowly pushed her skirt upwards. He was already hard – the last time he thought was when he had a silicone sex doll.

Linda wrapped her hands around his neck as she deepened the kiss. Being with Martin and romancing him was one hobby she loved with passion. He always had a way of making her feel special. She was proud to be his wife.

Martin raised the skirt to the top of her buttocks and then he pushed her panties aside. He slipped a finger into her very wet pussy and listed to her moan of pleasure. He slipped another finger and then another until he had five fingers deep inside her.

“Fuck me, Martin!” Linda begged.

Things Are Heating Up

“With pleasure,” Martin said. He lifted her up so that his dick was aligned and facing her pussy directly. Her back rested against the wall and he slipped inside her. They both moaned at the same time.

Martin began to slam in and out of her pussy while she wrapped her legs around his waist and also held on to his neck with her arms. Holding her against the wall helped Martin stand firm as he continued to slam in and out of his wife’s pussy.

Before long, both of them came at the same time. They shared a deep kiss before Martin allowed her back to the floor. He helped her straighten her skirt.

Climaxing Together – THE NEW SEX POSITION

“Wow, Martin that was mind-blowing!” Linda said, her face looking flushed with passion.

“That wasn’t good enough to me,” Martin said.

“What? Why not? Listen, Martin, we have had several mind-blowing sex but this one is at the top of the list. I am already thinking about us doing it again when I get back from work.”

“I know but I want it to be even better,” Martin.

“Of course, we can continue to do it until you achieve the perfection you want,” Linda said.

It Wasn’t Enough

“Yeah. I have an idea and I don’t know if you are going to like it.”

“What is it?”

“I want to practice with the sex doll,” Martin said.

Linda smiled. “You mean the sex doll I bought as your last birthday gift?”

“Yeah. That one.”

“Well, stud, you better practice hard and well and I want you to show me what you have learned.”

“You got it, my lady.”

For the rest of the week, Martin practiced the new sex style with a love doll and whatever he practiced in one morning, he would do it with his wife in the night.



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In their exploration of “The New Sex Position,” Martin and Linda reinvigorate their connection, demonstrating how innovation and openness can lead to profound intimacy. Their adventurous spirit in the bedroom offers an inspiring testament to keeping the passion alive in long-term relationships.

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