How To Make Love To A Woman

So just how do you make love to a woman? Have met up with a date through eHarmony or RSVP. And you are wondering how to approach the date and what to do? Here are some steps which you should keep in mind to mentally and physically make love to a woman.


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Tip #1 – Be Confident

Use positive body language to exude confidence and feel assured in social interactions –

– Maintain Eye Contact: Sometimes when we look into other people’s eyes we can feel like we need to look away. Looking away easily can show that you are insecure when you are talking to her. If you glance away, focus briefly on her mouth before returning to her eyes to show attentive listening.

– Copy Her Body Language: Naturally when to people are talking to each other they may begin to copy each other’s body language. This shows that both people are on the same page and are equally invested in the topic.

– Accept A Compliment: If the person you are with gives you a compliment about who you are or your appearance accept it. Do not deflect the comment and tell them “No, that’s not true!” or “That’s not how I feel”. Instead take the time to understand that they have just went out of their way to show you that they genuinely like you. Say thank you and accept that they wanted to praise you.

– Take Up More Space: Confident people have a way of taking more area up in a room with a body stance which says that they are in control. Unconfident people often find themselves slouching over into a ball to make themselves appear as small as possible. Instead of slouching do your best to stand up tall and have body language that is open.

– Dress Confidently: Think about how you would like to look and what impression you would like to give. Buying a pair of designer briefs and wearing some expensive cologne which will leave her feeling breathless will let her know that you have put in effort into the moment.  Step out of your comfort zone of wearing casual clothes and try something more business casual.  This may include buying a button up shirt that is modern and wearing a pair of jeans or pants that are suited for your body type. You can also go to a professional barber to get your hair done and your beard groomed to match.

– Consent Is Sexy: Both people within a relationship should ask for consent especially if you are not confident enough to know whether a lover will be okay with your actions.Getting consent will give you the confidence you need to know that your actions are wanted. Ask them “Is it okay if I can kiss you?” or “Is it okay if I can touch you?”. Ask them what you would like to do to them and ensure that it is okay. When you get the go ahead and confirmation that it is okay, have the confidence to do what you have always wanted to do. Do it with passion and commitment. Explore your desires: passionately kiss, give a full-body massage, or add spanking to foreplay. Embrace your desires fully.

– Be More Direct: In long-term relationships, communicate desires openly. Express feelings with passionate kisses and explore new experiences together.


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Tip #2 – Be Romantic

Sometimes we can often overlook how to make a lover feel special and loved. The easiest way to make someone feel special is to be romantic. Here are some ideas to add more romance into your lifestyle:

– Surprise: The element of surprise will be a lasting memory within a relationship. She may talk to her friends and family like “I remember that time when he..” or “He did this amazing thing..”. Surprise brightens her day, fostering new moments and conversations, creating special memories between them.

– Thoughtfulness: Take your time to think about what you can do to make her day easier and less stressful. Break her routine by preemptively completing her tasks, allowing her more time for enjoyment and showing appreciation for your efforts.

– Self-Motivated Without Being Asked: Don’t wait until she has to ask you to do something romantic or loving. Go out of your way to make something special and unique. You also can choose to create special moments which are linked to celebration events like anniversaries, birthdays or valentine’s day. You can do things just because you can rather than because it has been schedules.

– Create A Whole Day Date: Why not go even further then creating a date then turning it into a whole day event. You can start by planning what you would like to do throughout the day. For example, would you like to make it a picnic, a movie or take her to a fancy restaurant? Take the guesswork out of the date and schedule things in advance. This means that you have put more effort into the date then normal.

– Create The Moment: There are many things you can do make the event special like taking your time to find some candles which you can use to create mood lighting or taking your time to choose out some romantic music. When creating a passionate environment every detail counts.


Be Giving

When you are making love, although lovers can get caught up in the wildness of the moment that they are spending together, take some time to give pleasure to your partner. You can give more to your partner by:

– Paying Attention To What They Like: When making love it can feel like a guessing game if you are both caught up in the moment. Pay attention to her movements, gestures and moans. You will be able to pick up on things which she enjoys. When you find things that she enjoys be sure to do them.

– Give Without Expecting Anything In Return: Sex shouldn’t have to mean that things are given equally. Sex isn’t a blow job for a head job or a hand tug for a rub out. Within a relationship both couples should want to pleasure each other without have to expect something in return. Though both people should be putting in effort into fulfilling each other’s needs and desires. Become the lover that she has always wanted by spending time doing things that she enjoys. If she has always wanted you to do something a certain way, you should do your best within your comfort zone to fulfil her needs.



Foreplay is an important aspect in engaging in sexual intercourse. It helps a woman become aroused an in turn her body will create natural lubrication for penetrative sex. Arousal will also boost blood flow through her erogenous zones which will plump them up so that they are ready for thorough stimulation. It is recommended to spend more time in foreplay. Likewise if you become highly skilled at foreplay you can spend less time in it.

– Indirect Clitoral Stimulation: The clitoris is packaged with nerve endings and one some women you do not have to directly stimulate the clitoris. You can begin by massaging her vagina through her clothes. For example, you can rub her crotch through her pants. Small gentle strokes of a finger can be enough to massager her clitoris. If you would like to you can even massage the area around her clitoris which will provide a lot of pleasure.

– Suck On The Clitoris: You are able to gently suck on the clitoris to help increase the blood flow to the area which will help to enlarge the clitoris.

– Try The Figure 8 Tongue Swirl: When you are going down on her swirl your tongue in a figure 8 pattern over and over again. Make sure that the pattern is continuous and does not break so that she is able to build up a gradual orgasm.

– Insert A Finger During Oral Sex: Insert a finger during oral sex and find her G-Spot by moving your finger in a come hither motion.



Gently Does It / Don’t Rush

When you are making love to a woman it is recommended to take your time to find out how to pleasure her and go slowly to help her build up a gradual orgasm. Here are some ways you can gently make love:

– Try A Cock Ring: To last longer during sex, try a cock ring. It enhances erection size and duration, some vibrating with added stimulation.

– Train Yourself To Last Longer: Men are able to buy men’s masturbator which allow them to practice their ability to last longer. It works by allowing the man to get used of the sensations of sexual intercourse. As they become used of the sensations that are able to have sex for longer periods of time.

– Prolong Her Orgasm: Bring her to the pinnacle of an orgasm and slow back down. This will cause her to go crazy as you continue to pleasure her to her hearts content.
– Personal Lubricant: There are various moments when you need personal lubricant including during sex or with sex toys. There are many reasons why a woman would not produce enough natural lubricant so it is best to keep some nearby.

– Doggy Style: One of the best positions to easily access her G-Spot is from the doggy style position where she is on all fours and bent over. You penetrate her from behind. To gain stability in the position you can hold her waist and every time you thrust you can pull her body closer to you.

– Try The X Position: This positive involves the man sitting down with his legs wide apart. She will sit on top of you with her legs placed around your waist. Both people lean back and thrust into the other. She can rock her pelvic back and forth on your body to give herself full control of the stimulation.


Be Attentive When You make Love To A Woman

When making love to a women you will need to provide all attention towards her so that you can make the moment the best it can possibly be. In order to do this there are some things which you are able to do that include:

– Take Away Your Concerns: Don’t think about the things which can go wrong. Instead bring all your attention towards the current moment and completely focus on providing pleasure.

– Focus On Her Pleasure: The one goal that you have is to focus on her pleasure and nothing else. If you find that your mind is wandering onto other topics, although this is completely normal, bring your mind back on building up her pleasure.

– Respond To What She Likes: As you’re paying attention to what she says, her moaning and the way her body responds to you, ensure that you spend more time focusing on the areas which she responds to the most.


Find Out Her Desires / Fetishes Before You Make Love To A Woman

Finding out a lovers fetishes and desires can be as easy as asking them a simple question as to what they would like to do in bed. You don’t have to over complicate finding out what she is into or do some serious guess work. Create a sex-positive environment for open communication. She’ll share desires when comfortable discussing sex with you.

If you are both relatively new to sex there are a couple of things which you can ask which may help her to know what she would like:

  • Do you have any sexual interests that you would like to experience?
  • What do you fantasise about when you masturbate?
  • Have you seen anything lately which has turned you on?
  • Do you have any fetishes?
  • Is there a costume you would like me to wear during sex?

These questions which give you the answers you need to make your sexual encounter that much more enticing and fun! She may want to delve her feet into experience BDSM to. Here are some questions you can ask her in relation to BDSM:

– Does She Want To Be In Control Or Become Powerless?

In a relationship there is often a person who is more likely to be more dominant than they are submissive. In BDSM dynamics, the dominant controls the sexual experience; the submissive fulfills fantasies but roles may alternate.

– Would She Like A Lover Restrained Or Disciplined? 

Restraining or disciplining a lover may involve the feelings of discomfort, punishment and embarrassment. If she would like to restrain or discipline a lover it is recommended to invest in some BDSM gear like handcuffs, riding crops and floggers.

– Does She Enjoy Inflicting Pain or Receiving Pain?

Another aspect of BDSM is Sadism or Masochism. Sadism is when a lover gain sexual gratification from inflicting pain onto someone. Masochism is when a lover gains sexual pleasure from receiving pain.


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Be Passionate / Get Naughty When You Make Love To A Woman

When a man is passionately involved to become the best lover possibly, it is one of the sexiest traits that women find unbelievably attractive. If a women know you are doing your best to pleasure her and you are giving it 10/10 to give her the best experience possible she will absolutely adore you for it. Being incredibly passionate involves showing her that you are putting effort into the experience.

Effort means setting the mood, finding erogenous zones, going slow, using sex toys, and learning over time. The more time you invest in becoming a better lover the better you will become.

Every women’s body is different so with every person who have sex with you will need to learn what makes them tick and what they like. Being naughty in bed can be daunting but you can let your wild side go and wreak the benefits. Some naughty things you can do include:

– Asking Her To Wear A Vibrating Sex Toy In Public: Wearing a vibrating sex toy in public the We-Vibe 4 Plus which comfortably is inserted into the vagina whilst it hugs onto her clitoris will be exceptionality thrilling. Imagine holding the remote in your hands or pocket and as you both walk around you can adjust the settings. Maybe you are on a romantic date or you are casually going for a stroll around the city. You will be able to watch her cringe with pleasure as you send her through the motions.

– Use A Penis Sleeve: Don’t be shy, give her a new experience she won’t be able to forget. Put on a textured Penis Sleeve so that you can have some fun to. It will give her some extra girth and length, which will be incredibly exciting for both of you. If you want to watch her becoming even more excited stick the Penis Sleeve onto of her favourite vibrator and begin using it on her.She won’t know what to do with herself.

– Spank Her: If you are new to sex and want to give her a taste of something naughty. Giver he a small spank on her bum when she is pleasuring you. She will know she is doing well and providing thorough amounts of pleasure.

– Create Your Own Porn Movie: With permission of a lover, set up your mobile to take a video recording of sex. Try doing sex positions that you have never thought about. When you video tape sex it will feel like you are doing something completely out of the ordinary, it can make you feel like you are being extremely dirty! This way you can watch it back together. If you feel uncomfortable about having a video tape, you can always delete it after you watch it.