How To Make Love To A Man


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When you are making love to a man you need to consider arousing him physically and mentally. You will need to invest your time in complimenting him, finding his erogenous zones, finding out his desires, being romantic and so much more!


Compliment Him

Complimenting a man is one of the easiest ways to build up his self-confidence. Depending on how you choose to suggest the compliment can be an active way to flirt with him. There are two main topics to consider including:

– His Interests:When he is talking about a topic which he loves, make a compliment about something that he knows about and impresses you. He will feel like he is able to communicate with you openly and that you are following what he is talking about. If he feels good about his hobbies or interests the next time he participates in them, he will link the experience up with what you have said. This means every time he does something that he likes he may think about you.

– His Body: If you compliment him on his body, he will know that you are attracted to him. If you are attracted to him, he is out of the friendship zone! It will be a quick confidence booster. If you find that when you compliment his body, he says thank you or puts himself down, let him know that he shouldn’t put himself down and explain to him why you find that part of his body attractive. If you find that he really loves knowing what you find attractive about him, let him know what else you love about him. He will love the attention. Although many men ask themselves “Do I have an average size penis?“, since it still is a topic which many men are insecure about you may wish to compliment him on his penis size.


When you are complimenting you should pair it with:

– Subtle Touching: When you compliment you are able to subtle touch him. For example, if you are talking about how much you like his hair, run your fingers through his hair. Or if you are talking about how much he knows about a topic, touch his arm or knee. Touching him can provide a connection. This is a good way to let him know that you are interested in him and that you are okay with physical touch.

Teasing: If you are complimenting him you can throw a spanner in the works and get him thinking on a more playful note. Tease him, if he is doing something funny you are able to poke fun at him in a light hearted way. Teasing can make a guy work harder for you as they are able to tease and flirt back with you to view your reaction. Teasing can also balance out the compliments. When teasing ensure you don’t talk about anything which is to personal or something which they may be shy about.


Find His Erogenous Zones (Foreplay)

Men have erogenous zones all over their bodies but everybody is different! In order to find the erogenous zone that arouses him the most you can perform an all over body massage. Explore every area of his body as you massage him. Listen for his moans, see his anticipation and notice when he tenses up. The areas which he sexually responds to the most are his erogenous zones. Focus on the areas which he enjoys the most! Some erogenous zones include:

– Lips: The lips have a dense supply of nerve endings that are closer to the surface when compared with other erogenous zones. Before you kiss him directly on the lips, kiss him on other areas of his body like up his neck, his collar bone and near his mouth. He will become extremely sexually aroused and want to kiss you on your lips. When you are about to kiss his lips you can gently bite his bottom lip, suck on it and lick it. The more aroused he becomes, the blood flow in his lips will increase and make them even more sensitive to the touch.

– Neck: You can gently glide a finger down his neck and across his collar bone to suggest you would like to see more. Kiss his neck gently and slowly, he will want to kiss you back.

– Ears: When you are kissing his erogenous zones you can stroke the sides of his ear and gently squeeze and pull down on his earlobe. A lot of men really enjoy their ears being touched during foreplay. If you would like to take the stimulation a step further you can also kiss, suck and lick the outside of his ear.

Nipples: It is common knowledge that women’s nipples are an erogenous zone but did you know that men also like their nipples being stimulated? Men’s nipples are packed full of nerve endings just like women.You can stroke them, circle your finger around them, gently squeeze them, lick them, suck them and gently bite them.Stimulating a man’s nipples can lead to stronger and quicker orgasms.

– Inner Thighs: His inner thighs are so close to his genitals when you touch and massage them he will literally be begging you for more. Place your hand on his inner thigh near his knee and as you are stimulating his other erogenous zones slowly drag your hand up towards his crotch. Don’t place your hand on his crotch, as this will make his anticipation build. When you do end up touching his crotch he may not be able to handle himself.

The Belly Button: Since the blood flows heavily around his pelvis and genitals his belly button and his lower abs are considered to be an erogenous zone. You can swirl your finger around in circles, kiss down his abs and slowly lick the area. It will excite him as you stimulate his nerves in that region

– Prostate: A prostate orgasms is considered to be the man’s version of the G-Spot Orgasm. You will have to ask his permission before you start the exploration and stimulation of his prostate.

– Perineum: The Perineum is located between his testicles and his anus. Stimulating the perineum is like stimulating the prostate but externally. The perineum is full of nerve endings which can help to enhance


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Sex Toy That Will Help

Here are some affordable ways you can begin exploring his erogenous zones:

– Wrist Restraints: Wrist Restraints can help you become in control of the sexual situation and will allow you to confidently work the situation.

– Blindfold: To enhance the sensations in these areas you can consider blocking out a sense. The easiest way to do this is to invest in a blindfold. Place the blindfold on him and as you stimulate and massage his erogenous areas his senses will triple and feel amazing!

– Feather Tickler: If you would like to take this a step further you can use a Feather Tickler to slowly stimulate the area. He will think you are extremely playful.

– Sex Dice: Sex Dice normally comes in a pair where one of the dice has names of body parts on it and the other dice has an action which will provide pleasure like kissing and licking. Dice can help you explore a lovers body in a fun and entertaining way where you don’t know what to expect.

Penis Pump: Make sure he erect and ready for action – give him the confidence he needs and help him choose a penis pump.



Find Out His Desires/Fetishes/What Turns Him On

Fetishes and desires can be quite an intimidating topic to talk about. So begin simply by asking him what type of things does he enjoy sexually, what type of things really turns him on. Since you are interested in fulfilling his desires he may openly let you know.

A survey done by Durex found that 36% of people in the United States enjoyed using masks, blindfolds and bondage gear during sex. They had said when they had a look at the statistics worldwide only 20% of people enjoyed BDSM. BDSM is quite commonplace since the 50 Shades of Grey book was published and turned into a movie which has allowed a lot of people within the community to talk about what they are into. If you are wanting to participate in BDSM activities it is a good idea to read up on the Safety And Psychology of Kinky Sex.

Most people in the world also like to consider themselves as kinky or are willing to explore their sexual desires on a deeper level. Some people may begin with trying out new sexual positions with inspiration from playing sex games or reading the Kama Sutra.

One of the easiest ways to explore someone else’s sexual fantasies is to watch porn together. From watching a lover’s porn choice, you will be able to find out what they are interested in. Whilst you watch what they are interested in you can ask them questions about what actions within the porn movie that they enjoyed the most and which actions would they consider incorporating into their sexual lifestyle.

When your relationship develops with a lover you can then begin to explore the other areas of his fetishes which he may be more open to talk about. To do this you may need to have an open discussion about each other’s fetishes so that he knows that you are also trusting him with yours.


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Be Romantic

Often romance is over looked in the heat of the moment. There are certain things which you can do to spice up the intimacy of your sexual lifestyle:

Hug Him For Longer Than 20 Seconds: It has been scientifically proven that when two people hug their bodies release a feel good hormone which is known as Oxytocin which allows them to bond with each other. This hormone can make us feel loved, cared for and happy. In order for our bodies to receive the Oxytocin people must hug for longer than 20 seconds. Just imagine how much Oxytocin will be released if you hug for a minute. A good way to hug is to snuggle with each other in bed which allows you to hug for long periods of time.

Surprise Him With A Gift: You don’t have to buy him a gift only on his birthday, Christmas, anniversary or valentine’s day. Pick a random day, search for a gift which suits his interests, buy it and wrap it up!

Write A Romantic Message: Although lovers may say or write to each other “I love you” and “I miss you”, it is a good idea to really let your lover know just how they make you feel in detail. Place sometime a side to write it down on a letter or card. Let them know that they brighten your day every time you see them or how much they have impacted your life for the better. Write down in words what you love about them so that they can read it whenever they need to.

– Go To A Fancy Restaurant: Spend a little more money on a lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant. It means you are paying for better services, a better atmosphere and high quality food. Take your time researching where to take him for example, you can read up on websites like Tripadvisor or downloading the Zomato app to see what other customers have experienced. They will also let you know which foods they loved the most. A great thing about going to a fancy restaurant is the fact that you both can dress up for each other. This means you are both putting in some extra effort into your relationship which will be a positive step from both people.

Do An Activity Together: Talk to your lover and choose an activity that you both can do together. Maybe you both may want to play tennis, learn how to cook, go kayaking or on long walks. Whatever you choose make sure that you both want to do it. If you both end up enjoying the activity you can do it regularly together or take it up as a hobby.

– Invest Time Doing His Favourite Hobby: Take an interest in the things which he likes and enjoys, you know that hobby which he enjoys doing after work or in his spare time. He could enjoy reading books, playing board games or participating in a sporting activity. Ask him about his hobbies and what he enjoys most about them. You can also ask him to teach you how to do it with him which lets you spend more time with him.

– Touch Him When You’re Out: Often couples go out together, sometimes they are too busy getting from point a to point be to take and forget to spend some actual time with the person they are out with. When they least expect it give them a bear hug, hold their hand in both of yours, lovingly kiss them on the check or gaze into their eyes with admiration. Making small gestures can make both of your days that much better.

– Put Away Distracting Devices: If you are doing something together, you can both agree to not using your mobile phone or laptop when you are out and about. Sometimes when we use devices that distract us away from the situation it doesn’t allow us the time to experience what is happening around us. It is important to always take time to talk or sit patiently with a lover as you build your relationship together.

It is also a great idea to understand what are the 7 most unromantic gestures are!


Be Attentive – Make Love To A Man

You will need to focus on being attentive in the bedroom, here are some important tips which can make all the difference:

– Thank Him For What He Contributes To You And The Relationship: If you have been in a relationship with a lover for a long time this is A BIG MUST!! There are so many things that you can thank him for that he has done for you and the relationship. Sometimes both people in the relationship do these things to support each other it is still needed to thank each other for it. Words that you should consider saying include “I appreciate that you have”, “I think what you have done is amazing”, “What you do greatly impacts my life for the better” and “I have learned a lot from you which has made me become a better person”.

  • Work: To make a living both people in a relationship or the person who is known as the sole breadwinner spends their time working to earn money so that both people are able to supply themselves with the basic needs to live a life like a roof over their heads, food and drinks on the table and financial security. If a lover works longer hours than you, has a longer travel time or has a harder job it is always a good idea to thank them for what they have done and invested themselves to do.
  • Support: Throughout your relationship he may have supported you emotionally when things have gotten tough. The support has allowed both of you to grow together through the relationship and develop as individuals. The support could be helping you when you are sick, helping you take care of the children or talking you through relationship problems with friends and family.

– Really Listen To What He Says: When a lover talks you should put all your distractions a side and turn off the automatic responses. Really listen to what your lover says and follow the conversation.

  • Paraphrase: Respond with paraphrases that expresses what they have said but in your own words to let them know that you have understood what they have said.
  • Quote: You can also quote what they have said directly back to them to show them that you have followed and remembered their words.
  • Provide Meaningful Responses: Take your time to process what he has said and think about a meaningful response which will add to the conversation. He will be able to see that you are trying to invest time in what he enjoys talking about.
  • Ask Questions: Delve deeper into the topic and ask meaningful questions which will explore his thoughts on the subject matter at a deeper level.

– Ask About His Feelings: Due to how people have grown up, some people are told to hide their emotional feelings especially if they are sad or feeling down. If this is the case, you should take your time to ask him how he is feeling or how a situation in his life has made him feel and how it has impacted him. If you ask questions in a supportive environment it will give him the opportunity to talk to you about things which he may have covered up.

– Celebrate Special Moments: If there is a special moment in his life no matter how small it is, you can always celebrate it. Is there a special event which he is looking forward to like your anniversary, has he accepted a new responsibility at work, did he pass a test which he was stressed about or did he do something which he never though he could. No matter the occasion celebrate it with him, celebrations make life exciting and can create ever lasting memories. Creating celebration means that he was important enough to you and what he has done had meant something.


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Get Naughty

Spice things up, give yourself the power and control to be a naughty little devil in bed. Make him say “Oh my god, what has gotten into you!”, “What are you doing to me!” and “What made you like this!”. Get naughty in the following ways:

– Take Control In The Bedroom: You are in bedroom doing what you normally do. But make it even better by pinning his arms down at the top of his head. Make him feel like you are in complete control of the situation. Tease him and play with him. You can excite him even further by buying in secret some BDSM gear like wrist restraints, ankle restraints and a blindfold. When you pull them out, you can say something like “Are you ready for a bit more fun?” he may become extremely visually excited!

– Dress Up: Buy fancy lingerie and costumes which suit your body shape. Wearing sexy lingerie can make you feel confident and empowered. When you wear a costume, you can feel like you are a completely different person. Dressing up can create a scene where you both can talk dirty. Dressing up is one of the easiest ways to instantly make the X-rated!

– Talk Dirty: Dirty talking can sometimes feel like a topic where you don’t really know where to start! Don’t worry this is a common though for most people. You can begin the with moaning when they do something pleasurable to you, this will be extremely arousing and provide them with the encouragement that they are doing any amazing job. Then you can talk about how what they are doing is making you feel and how you would like it done. For example, “I love that”, “Give me more”, “That feel’s good”, “Do it harder” and “Faster!”. There’s are some simple phrases which will not be overwhelming to say and can really steam up the moment. One of the easiest ways to dirty talk is to let them know what you would like them to do to you and describe it in great detail. The more description you add in the better it will be. For example rather than saying “Bend me over” you can say “Bend me over, I like it when you thrust in deeply!”. Steer clear of too much profanity, some people don’t like it if you swear to much as it can make off putting, but each to their own.

– Read An Erotic Story: Spice things up and read some literature like at Singapore Erotic Stories, it will help to give you some ideas and build up natural arousal.

– Strip For Him: Dress up in some sexy clothing, costumes or lingerie and put on some music. Perform a strip tease for him and slowly take off all your clothes. A great move to do when performing a strip tease is to take of an item of clothing and place in around the back of his neck and pull him in close. You will be able to see how we reacts to what you are doing which will be extremely exciting.

– Perform A Lap Dance: You can perform a lap dance facing him or facing away for him. When you are performing a lap dance you can place your hands on the chair for more support as you massage your bum into his lap. You can also unbutton your shirt or take off your bra and show off your breasts.



Be Passionate

Passionate sex is way more easier than it sounds, it really involves putting more effort into providing a pleasurable experience for a lover. The first step to being a more passionate lover is to not do something which is seen as routine. People in a long term relationship can end up doing the same thing in bed as that may be what works for them and is an easy way for both people to get off. But to have a passionate love life you need much more than that. Think about all the different places that you two can have sex like:

– At The Beach: Imagine lying on a blanket outside at night and it is just the two of you. You are both enjoying the sound of crashing of waves hitting the sand, the feeling of the sand between your toes, holding each other to stay warm and the picturesque night sky that is full of stars. There is no one there but the two of you. Find a spot which cannot be seen by other people so you can ensure that the moment is completely private. Be careful of the sand as you don’t want to get that into any unwanted crevices.

– In A Park: There are many areas in parks which are set aside from the public. You can lay down on a blanket where you both can freely spend some time together resting in the sunlight. The natural fauna and flora is vibrant and green as the sounds of the birds echo gently.

– At A Golf Course: The grass in cleanly cut short at the golf course, it is a large field which is away from traffic, there are small lakes and small hills that cut off the view from different sides. There are some sprinklers which are set off after midnight which is helping you blend in with the field and there are various trees around giving some shelter. The cleanliness of the grass makes you feel safe and the night sky is beautiful. You can hear the faint sounds of cars in the distance and you have chosen a spot which is quite private.

– In A Boat: Hire a boat for a day or night out and find a secluded location that you two can get away from the rest of the world. The sides of the boat will protect you from other people looking in as you experience a passionate and intimate moment together.

– In A Hotel: Changing routine can be as simple as hiring a hotel with luxury service. Spend the night away from home and hire a room. The sheets are freshly pressed and the furnishing are charming. Spend some time in Jacuzzi or bath tub together and have a relaxing drink of champagne to celebrate for the night. Order some room service and when you are readying have a passionate night together between the sheets.

– Take Ambien once every night. Do not take it a second time on the same night. Take Intermezzo when you wake up at night. Take it only if you have 4 hours of sleep left before you need to wake up. Read more about this at


If you are at home you can do something to create a unique moment like:

– Start The Moment With Some Delicious Treats: Offer to feed him some chocolate dipped strawberries. Place some whipped cream on parts of his body and lick it off of him until he is clean.

– Create The Moment: Make sure that the area you are having sex in is clean and romantic. Create an atmosphere with some dim lighting or candles. Invest in some bedding that feels silky, soft and luxurious and dress up for the moment.

– Fill The Room With A Pleasant Scent: Spray the room with perfume, cologne, room spray or pheromones. Ensure that you know the lover enjoys the scents and that it’s not too overwhelming to pull away from the moment.

– Music: Play some music like meditative, soothing or romantic. The music will set the pace of the moment.


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Be Confident

There are some simply way to be more confident in the bedroom which include:

– Take Pride In Your Appearance: If you feel like you are struggling to feel good about yourself, one of the first things and one of the easiest things to work on is your appearance. You can begin by ridding yourself of your old closet and buying a completely new wardrobe that suits your personality type. What you wear will tell other people how you feel about yourself and can help build your confidence especially if you feel more comfortable for what you choose to put on.

– Think About The Positive Aspects Of Who You Are: Write three positive things about yourself each and every day. Thinking about just three things a day which you value about who you are can help to change your thinking pattern over time.

– Take Your Time Evaluating Negative Thoughts: Take your time to understand and evaluate whether what you are saying to yourself is logical and factual. If it is not, you should rid of the thought from your mind and focus on something which is positive.

– Correct Your Posture: Standing tall without a slouch will help display to other people around you that you a confident body language. Correct body posture means that you take pride in yourself.

– Develop Your Skills: Skills and experience can be a key factor to improving your relationship. If you feel that you are a bad kisser or a bad lover you should spend some time reading up on how to improve these skills and then actively improve these skills.

– Fake It Till You Make It: We have all heard of the saying “Fake it till you make it”. The person you are with wouldn’t have chosen to be with you if they weren’t sexually attracted to you. If you don’t feel confident, do your best to think as if you were a confident person. Ask yourself “What would a confident person do if they were in this situation?” when you have come up with an answer do your best to do it. For example, if you feel that a confident person would wrap their arms around your lover’s waist, try it out for yourself and see how your lover reacts to you.