How to Seduce a Woman

The art of seduction is, unfortunately, lost on most men so why not learn How to Seduce a Woman. This is because men spend their lives looking for the Holy Grail of secrets to seducing women. The elusive ‘silver bullet’ guarantees women be at your feet, which sadly doesn’t exist.

For one thing, different women respond differently to different stimuli. In addition, they have never been and never will be just ‘one’ thing you need to do to make women go weak at the knee.

Instead, it combines all the lessons learned throughout countless generations of successful (and wholly unsuccessful) dating.


How to Seduce a Woman with Words

If the idea of seducing women with words scares the living crap out of you, advanced practice comes highly recommended.

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Other than this, the art of seducing women with words is all about seeing (and hearing) things from her perspective. All women may be different, but you can rest assured that every woman you set your sights on will respond positively to the following:


1.    Keeping a soft and low tone of voice 

Women naturally respond better to a comparatively low and soft tone of voice. The opposite is to speak in a high-pitched voice at an overly loud volume level and relentlessly fast, which isn’t going to attract anyone, for obvious reasons. You don’t need to go full Barry White, but keep things low and slow for better results.


2.    Lean into her while talking

This isn’t going to work with a stranger, but it is a great way to create a sensual atmosphere with someone you’ve already hit it off with. When you lean in close to a woman who is talking to her, you make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world at the time. This ensures you are listening, builds a sense of closeness, and increases the likelihood of things going your way.


3.    Always use good humor

Humor holds the key to mutually enjoyable relationships that last and instantly give women a reason to want to spend more time with you. Funny men are naturally attractive to women. If you can make a warm laugh, it falls into place naturally. There’s also a direct correlation between humor and intelligence, just as long as you stick with the good jokes, lines, and witticisms.


4.    Compliment her naturally

Cheesy pickup lines laced with prefabricated compliments will get you nowhere. By contrast, naturally working complements into the conversation can and will work wonders. Every woman on the face of the earth likes to be complimented, if the compliments she receives are genuine. Please don’t get carried away with an outright bombardment of pleasantries, but make every effort to make her feel desirable.


5.    Try talking less

Most women respond positively to men who know how to listen. There’s nothing sexier than someone who shows a genuine interest in you and hangs on your every word.  Rather than talking relentlessly, try asking meaningful questions and spend more time listening.


6.    Use Technology to Your Advantage

A few choice words of kindness and affection here and there by text message (or your preferred social network) work wonders. Remember that you do not necessarily have to be close to a woman to woo her with your words. You can also indulge in the heart of sexy and sensual texting to keep her reminded of you when you’re not together.


7.    Support Her Desires

This means taking the time to listen to women and get to know their hopes and dreams, to encourage and support them with your words. A woman finds nothing more romantic than a man who gives her the encouragement and support she needs to pursue her dreams. Make her feel she can achieve anything she wants, and you can count on her to support her along the way.


8.    Appeal to Her Intellectual Side

Women find intelligent men sexy and always respond positively to the intellectual conversation. If you can stimulate a woman intellectually, the rest follows naturally. A good way to make this happen is to keep yourself up to date with news and current affairs – particularly those that in some way relates to her interests. She’ll respond most positively to an intellectual conversation about topics she’s interested in, so it’s your job to equally take an interest in them.


9.    Show Confidence 

In general, women are not particularly attracted to shrinking violets. They prefer men who exude a certain amount of Confidence and charisma. Not to such an extent as to cross the line into arrogance, but also not to come across as painfully shy and awkward. Remember that it is not only what you say that matters, but also how you say it.


10. Maintain Eye Contact 

Along with eye contact, your physical gestures when conversing with a woman will always make a big difference. Look her in the eye, so she knows you are listening, try to keep a smile on your face (when it is appropriate to do so), and avoid coming across as stiff or formal. Keep things as real, active, and light-hearted as possible for the best results.


11. Avoid Embellishment 

Last, the temptation to embellish (or lie outright) in the hope of impressing a woman can be hard to resist. The problem is that by the time she finds out the truth (which she will), she’ll never be able to trust you again. Or, at least, will interpret everything you say with a degree of skepticism. If you cannot seduce her by simply being yourself, she probably is not the right woman for you in the first place.