Dating Chat Lines

Dating Chat Lines

Dating Chat Lines – The world was in an uproar over the coronavirus COVID-19, and we are all experienced hardships. What does that mean for the online dating scene? After all, we practised social distancing measures and we stayed at home.  Online dating would’ve sky rocketed, right?  And it still does.

One employee at OKCupid said their messages from one dater to another have gone up 4 million more times than before.  Bumble and Tinder are experiencing sky rocketing numbers and percentages as well. Does this mean that even after a true pandemic we can still find love? Maybe more-so than usual?

Why yes, yes it does.

dating chat lines

Dating Chat Lines: Before and After COVID-19

Before the coronavirus pandemic, things were pretty normal on your dating apps and chat lines. You’d have your usual amount of singles online during the day and maybe a Skype date here and there throughout the week. After the pandemic, it’s clear it has made its mark. Even after recovering from Covid-19 Globally,  chat lines and dating apps are now booming more than ever.

Dating apps are now pushing people to have virtual dates, so what are chat lines doing to make things heat up on their end? Nothing, they don’t have to. That’s right, dating chat lines don’t have to really do anything to spice themselves up during this virus – they already have everything you need. Distancing yourself from each other and fun sexual phone chats with other singles, isn’t that what you’re looking for right now?

Plus, dating chat lines aren’t as strict as some dating apps where you have to fill out your whole life story just to join and then sometimes aren’t even accepted. Anyone is able to join in on a dating chat line, which is what makes things way more interesting and it also makes your chances of finding someone that much higher!

Adult Shopping After Covid

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Online Dating Statistics After Covid-19

  • One “online dater” shares that her dating apps have soared up to 130% more than usual, all the way around, with more users, more messages, more swipes, etc.
  • Bumble is reporting that certain cities are seeing a rise in messages up to 25%
  • Tinder claims their messages have went up 10%-15% since just last week
  • OKcupid has seen a 25% raise in their video chats between online daters, while Bumble reports seeing a 20% rise in video dating

Dating Chat Lines After the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dating chat lines aren’t having to ramp up or spice up anything – the virus has done that for them! Even after social distancing measures have finished, many Chat line users prefer this method of online dating.

Keeping the distance

You can’t go wrong and get in trouble with the law if you choose to dabble in online dating. As long as you are of age talking to someone else of age, you’re free to do whatever the hell you want online. You can’t get sick through the computer either, so don’t worry about any colds or flus, you’ll be able to chat away all night long, naked if you want.

Virtual “Netflix and Chill”

This is the time to put video and virtual dating to the test. Since this is what every single dating app is now encouraging, we suggest that you try out a dating chat line like, which is one of the most popular chat lines on the market right now, and meet someone to have a virtual “Netflix and Chill” date with! While it may seem awkward at first, it’s really not that bad and it beats watching a movie by yourself tonight, doesn’t it?


Another idea would be to go on a dinner date together, even though you can’t sit physically with one another and eat, you could always make a game out of it and see who can cook the best meal. No matter who “wins”, you still can sit with each other and eat while also being on a date and chatting at the same time.

Really get to know each other

Take this awkward, weird, yet somehow still awesome moment to really get to know each other on a more personal level. Since you won’t have that weird face-to-face interaction like normal, and you won’t have to get that anxious feeling you normally get, utilize this stay-at-home order to show someone what you’re really about when it’s just you inside of your home.

Have fun with videos and pics

If you can’t see each other, or physically touch each other for that matter, it’s time to start using that camera on your phone again. Turn into a “Selfie Queen” if you have to and start taking some cute, sexy, but classy photos and even videos to send over to this new boo. However, we suggest giving it time before you do something like this. You want to make sure you can trust the person with your photos, and don’t do anything incriminating in the videos either.

Remember to remain yourself

After all, we know this didn’t last forever. You still don’t want to put on a show for this person you could potentially have some real connection with. Staying true to who you are isn’t just for the other person either, it’s for yourself as well. If you have to live out and keep up a lie, it can become super exhausting, thus making you more vulnerable for when karma does come back and bite you in the ass over this.

Just remain yourself the whole time, remember, you attract what you put out, so if you put out lies and false statements you’re probably going to get lies in return.

Dating Chat Lines

I was in my mid-30’s during this pandemic and engaged, so I can only imagine how younger people and people who are dating any age, may have felt during this time. I know in my younger, single days you couldn’t tell me nothin’ and I had to find out on my own. Then again, we never had stay-at-home orders by the government.

Nevertheless, this past pandemic has created a way for those who haven’t yet, to wait before they get too intimate. While there is nothing wrong with having sex with someone for the hell of it, sometimes it’s far better to wait to do it then it is to do it right away.

Allow this time the chance for the other person to get to know you on an emotional and mental level, instead of a physical one. Who knows, this might be the start of a new wave of dating?