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Tips You Need To Last Longer

Do you wish to improve your sexual performance in the sack? Dream about having lots and lots of sex for several hours straight? Don’t stress as we will provide you with tips you need to last longer.

You’re not alone. Many men spend countless hours trying to find any reliable information online that will help them last longer in bed. Since you’re special, you won’t have to hunt down that info because it will come to you. We are going to try and give you some of the most fool proof tips on how to improve your sexual performance.

Why Do I Need to Last Longer Anyway?

That’s a good question. There exist MANY different reasons as to why you’d want to last longer in bed. Two of the most common ones are laughable, frankly speaking:

Because of porn. Men in porn can jackhammer pussies for hours and hours to no end. Some people fail to realize that pornography is not supposed to be realistic, but oh well
Because of their own expectations. Also might be tied to excessive pornographic consumption, but here’s what it is – many guys want to last longer because there’s a certain number that they have in mind – be it 60 minutes or 69 minutes or God knows what else. They have this totally arbitrary number of minutes or hours that separates a “lame” sex session from a great one.

Of course, before you read what we have to recommend, you should ask yourself – “do I actually need this?”. If you and your partner are both satisfied with shorter love-making sessions, then there’s no reason for you to read on. That being said, if you’re worried that you might be suffering from PE, then you might want to continue reading what we have to say.

Tips You Need To Last Longer

Best Tips to Last Longer in Bed

1. Stop watching pornography.

Yup, that includes your favorite JOI clips from that amazing tube site -! You’re not quitting porn for good, you’re just taking a breather to see if it actually improves your sexual performance. This right here is one of the most common and well-known pieces of advice for men seeking to improve their sexual endurance, but it bears repeating all the same.

Scientific research shows that pornography can actually re-wire your brain and get it hooked on overstimulation/constant escalation. In other words, all the non-“extreme” encounters that you experience in real life do NOT seem even mildly thrilling to your brain, so it orders you to get it over with as soon as possible, basically forcing you to nut in seconds so that you can enjoy the REAL good stuff, i.e. stepfamily sex, taboo roleplay, and the like. Having sex with your loving girlfriend/wife is nowhere near as taboo, is it?

2. Increase your masturbation speed.

If your masturbation sessions become shorter and less fulfilling, your brain will start appreciating the actual sex more…. Or at least that’s how it should work, on paper.

Look, there are many conflicting theories and schools of thought when it comes to masturbation and sexual stamina. We think that this one makes a great deal of sense and is worth trying at least for a week or so. We are sure that you’ll see the difference (especially if you couple this one with the tip described above). The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll just waste a week jerking off like an energizer bunny. No big deal. You can also use assistance from strokers for a more realistic experience.

3. Make healthier lifestyle choices.

We know it’s a big one, but you got to hear us out. If you frequently consume sugar, caffeine, liquor, nicotine, drugs, and other mind-altering substances, then you are interfering with MANY natural processes in your body. Because of that, all kinds of imbalances are soon to pop out sooner or later, including the ones influencing your performance in the sack, of course.

If you start even with the smallest adjustments, you’ll see the results soon enough, we are sure of it.

Quitting smoking or curbing your alcohol consumption can go a long way when it comes to this sort of thing. You will feel much healthier, your body will respond in kind to all the beneficial changes that you decided to make. Don’t forget to drink water and get enough sleep to maximize the benefits, by the way.

heart disease

Love After A Heart Attack!

I know I am not alone in this category there are most likely millions of people that want to find out how to still have an amazing sex life with someone that has a severe heart condition although it is a stressful thought for most of us because the one thing we do not want is for our loved one to just die during sex, well in saying that I have heard many men state hey what a way to die lol.

Well here a few tips that can be used so you don’t tip them over the edge and don’t forget, sex is actually like an aerobic exercise so make sure they have past their last fitness test if they recently had a heart attack or heart surgery before you dive in to anything…

You Will Have To Take The Reins

Remember you are going to do most of the work for a while so be prepared as the healthy one in the relationship you will also have to prepare your mind beforehand so you don’t freak out worried your going to kill them so clear your thoughts and start your plan.

Personally, I have been going through this for the last 12 years after my husband having multiple heart attacks multiple surgeries so the mental and physical strain can be stressful.

Use Water To Limit Exertion

My first tip would be to think secluded beach, river, ocean, go for a trip or a weekend away. Sex in the water is far less demanding on the heart and body as the water is holding all your body weight for each other which means he can enjoy it without all the extra effort on his heart meaning you can go longer and stress less. Water sex is the best as it doesn’t exhaust your body as much and is so much fun….  So, first suggestion would be water water water!!!!

Keep It Slow

Next tip would be a slow massage grab some nice edible massage oil and take it nice and slow. Remembering you are going to do all the work so keep them nice and relaxed. You can really take your time with this step, keep it slow paced, and savour it… Now is the perfect time to keep it slow and sensual!

Now let’s discuss toys for him to get him back to sex without stressing to much, go grab him a few masturbators (if he doesn’t like using them on his own that’s fine, but remind him to keep his mind open about using them together) like these choices pictures to follow.

The Tenga Egg Is A Great Tool

The Tenga Egg is a great option for when you really want to give him eyerolling pleasure but also want to take a bit of the pressure off yourself at the same time. These little things come in 17 different varieties all having different internal structures… You could use this for two weeks straight and he’d get a different experience each time.

Fun Factory’s Manta is another great option, with it’s multiple uses this one will keep hubby happy for a long time. Incorporate this into your sex and oral as a little extra fun while he just sits back and enjoys! Completely waterproof so while you’re having the water sex we spoke about earlier you can also put it on his penis and it’ll turn his penis into a vibrator.

Thrusting Toys Can Be An Alternative

Now the Alex here comes in as the number one thrusting toy for men, you’ll see why.

With 7 different thrusting intensities you get to choose the journey, but neither of you really have to do the work, it’s a win win! An added bonus is he can use this alone and it can be completely hands free. Coming with 5 built in porn scenes he can choose whether he wants to be immersed into something wild, a scene at the beach, in the classroom, joining the mile high club or set in the office. There’s so many options he won’t get bored. Assuming you really want to spice it up pop a blindfold on him and control the speed while you put on a scene for him.

When Sex Is Stressful Use Toys

If the idea of actual sex between the two of you is putting you under too much stress to imagine go to the next best thing, sex with each other through sex toys. Getting your hands on the Onyx+ and Pearl2 (or the Fuse, whatever works for you) is the best idea you’ll ever have. The Onyx+ is a masturbator, the Fuse and Pearl2 are vibrators, these two toys can be connected to each other via Bluetooth in an app.

The Pearl2 and Fuse have sensor rings and the Onyx+ has contraction rings, movement on either toy is picked up and then replicated via the other toy. In other words, anything he does to the Onyx+ will be done to you, anything you do to the Fuse or Pearl2 will be done to him via the Onyx+.

Getting back into the headspace of having sex with your partner after a heart attack can be nerve wrecking the first few times, just remember to take it slow, find new ways to love each other, and incorporate some toys. You’ll be back to having mind blowing sex, in new ways, in no time!

Lynn is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.