Writing letters is considered by many romantics to be a lost art form, but who says it can’t be revived in the form of writing a love letter? Modern romance equals heart emojis, swiping, risqué comments, and sliding into DMs replace traditional gestures in this era. Writing a love letter might just be the ultimate romantic gesture.

How To Write A Love Letter

No matter whether you want to dedicate this letter to a current romantic partner or to someone you’re pining for. Here are a few tips to help you win them over with a love letter.

Address Them Tenderly

Instead of addressing the letter to their name plainly, write something sweet or cute. If you have a pet name for them, you can address them with that. Examples for inspiration include darling, love of my life, heart and soul, true love.

State The Intent Of  A Love Letter

Obviously, the purpose of a love letter is to express your love, but what made you want to write this letter in the first place? Are you apart and do you miss them terribly? Are you at work and they suddenly crossed your mind? Is the love letter for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary? Whatever the circumstance, ensure to write it in the letter, but don’t describe it just as it is.

Phrase it as lovingly as possible. Instead of writing “I miss you,” you could write “There’s not a moment that passes that I don’t long to feel your touch.” Instead of writing “I was at work and thought of you,” you could write “The drudgery of work was made bearable by the thought of your breathtaking smile.”



Include A Romantic Memory Or Reference

If you’ve been together with the person you’re writing this love letter for quite some time, you have a huge library of romantic memories to choose from. Write about your favourite ones. Write about the moment you fell in love with them and knew they were the one. Describe the lead up, the event itself, and the feelings you felt in as much detail as possible. Another memory to write about it is the moment you met.

“If you have a meet-cute story, write about it rom-com style,” advises Agnes Kim, a lifestyle writer at 1day2write and Write My X. “Depict every shy glance, every moment of hesitation, and every awkward detail.” This memory could also work if you’re dedicating this letter to a crush. Include the emotions you felt when you first saw them in your letter. Another option is to write about a cute romantic reference. If you’re familiar with the movie and novel, The Notebook, you can reference how one of the characters, Noah, wrote letters to his love, Allie every single day for a year even when he received no response.

Describe In Great Detail Their Most Endearing Qualities

Write about all the things you love about them and don’t hold back. Include the traits you love the most as well as the small things they do that make you feel grateful they exist. If this is for an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, you probably want to spend most of your letter writing about this. Your intention while writing this part is to make them feel as loved and appreciated as possible.

Explain Their Positive Impact On Your Life

Similar to writing about their endearing qualities, writing about the ways they’ve changed your life for the better will make them feel valued. “A love letter is your chance to write about what they mean to you,” explains Yvonne Athey, a journalist at Phdkingdom and Britstudent. “And how your life will never be the same without them.”

It’s not easy to spill all your romantic feelings on a piece of paper. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and vulnerability, and for that, you should be proud of yourself. Writing a romantic letter to your significant other or crush is such an underrated romantic gesture. Underrated yet very effective. If all goes well, your significant other or crush will return the affection with their own sweet, romantic gesture.

George J. Newton is a project manager and content writer for Assignment writing services and Next Coursework. He has a very patient wife of over ten years, who is his biggest supporter. He also contributes his writing about love and relationships to websites such as Research paper help.