Dating Apps For Travellers that facilitate online meetings are continue to grow in popularity. As a result, there is less stigma attached to them—so much so that they are increasingly being used for purposes other than just traditional dates. The desire to meet like-minded adventurers or locals who can offer tips on how to maximize their experience in their home city is driving solo travelers to swipe left and right on social networking apps. It’s even got to the point where gay men use things like Gay Webcams to find other men to travel with and straight people use a site like to find like minded females and males. Having a dating app that caters to travelers is like having a tour guide that knows what hot spots and bars to check out in their neighborhood.


You need to be direct and honest from the beginning about your intentions if you want things to remain platonic and free of romantic expectations. When you are overseas, you must take the same safety precautions as you would at home.

Here are the top 3 dating apps for travelers:


  1. Tourbar


TourBar will let you meet more travelers while on the go than you ever could have imagined. Making friends (or finding dates) in advance is made easy by the digital matchmaking app, which connects you with travelers and locals. Imagine you’re planning to go to Glastonbury Festival, and one of your friends cancels at the last minute. TourBar can assist you in finding someone to meet while you’re there.


By eliminating solitude while traveling, this app is geared towards travelers looking for local guides or friends to explore the area with. Using the app, you can find anyone else going to the event. Your choice of partner is entirely yours. Within the app, you can start chatting and making plans once you accept. Visit for more details.




There has been a lot of media attention to this site, negatively (by generalizing that girls using it are hired escorts) as well as positively, whereby journalists have shared their own experiences with it. The site allows users to find travelers or hosts in their hometowns that they can show around, or simply stay in a hotel near someone who lives there. Although you cannot always book flights and accommodations together, the system also allows you to do so.


In my opinion, this dating site is not a “sugar daddy site,” as some media portray it to be. The purpose is to find someone who also loves traveling that you can travel with without regard for who pays. Getting acquainted abroad should be done in your home country first. The website is a subscription-based service.



As a dating site for travelers, this site can also be used to find friends or companions.

Instead of traveling with someone like MissTravel, it’s more about traveling with locals from abroad.  In addition to meeting locals, they are also hoping to find love. The app is free. Skout and Airtripp are other free apps with very similar features.


Are travel dating apps safe to use?

If you’re tired of being bored abroad, need a change of pace, and are already familiar with dating apps like Tinder, why not give it a try? Being able to think on your feet is crucial. It’s important to look up their profile, talk to them first, ask for their profile on social media, and stalk them. Establish boundaries beforehand, meet at a public location – all the obvious stuff. Never forget to tell others who, and where you are going.