You’d be surprised how many women find themselves in awkward situations where they meet a man in hopes of having platonic relationships, but it turns out he wants something more.


Getting out of this situation is stressful and uncomfortable, and it instantly kills the fun. It’s no wonder that some women decided to drop the romance and get involved in a platonic relationship to evade the pressure.


Why are platonic relationships less stressful, though? What does hiring an escort have to do with the whole thing?


That’s what I’ll be discussing here — the beautiful simplicity of platonic relationships with straight male escorts!

A Quick Word About Platonic Relationships

The absence of romance defines a platonic relationship. So, for example, one may develop a purely platonic relationship with the best friend, workout buddy, coworker, or any other person they value without having any romantic feelings.


There are some benefits that platonic relationships provide that you may not get out of romantic ones. For instance, platonic intimacy comes with fewer expectations and doesn’t focus solely on the physical experience.


Additionally, as psychologists point out, there’s no fear of breakup in a platonic relationship; that alone is enough to provide a more stable, pressure-free bond between two people.


Platonic relationships also provide a unique opportunity to explore different parts of yourself and create new memories and experiences without the added stress of being romantically involved with another person.


Where do straight male escorts fit in all this? Patience, my friend — I’m getting there!

Who Hires A Male Escort?

While most people get involved in a platonic relationship with someone they know, some ladies will hire male escorts for the same reason: companionship, but with no strings attached.


If you think that women hire male escorts for the sake of adventure, you’re right. However, it’s not necessarily about sex:


You might be surprised to learn that some male escorts offer purely non-sexual services!


Another reason why women would sometimes hire male escorts is to go on dates with a good listener. In the search for platonic relationships, they want someone they can open up to about their lives, aspirations, and problems in the knowledge that they’re being heard.


In some cases, the clients are younger women that, simply put, got tired of swiping through countless dating apps and going on endless dates that don’t lead anywhere.


If you think about how hit-or-miss these dates can be and how awkward it can be to go out with someone who, as it turns out, isn’t their type, it’s easy to see how stressful modern-day dating is for the ladies.


As an alternative, gentlemen for hire offer a perfect solution:


It is pretty refreshing to pick a male escort they like and have every detail of the date under their control.


The point is, some ladies are just searching for companionship, nothing more. They’ll hire an escort for traveling or plus-one events to keep them company, have some fun, and make the whole experience memorable.

Platonic Relationship And Male Escorts

Hiring a male escort is akin to a no-strings-attached, platonic date that offers you the undivided attention of a well-mannered, good-looking gentleman. Once these physical aspects and future expectations are removed from the equation, dates become completely stress-free and more fun for the ladies, too!


It’s arguably the best way for women to enjoy male company without ever having to worry about getting romantically involved.


Many ladies out there would agree that the last bit is sometimes hard to avoid, given that most men they meet tend to expect something more than a simple friendship.


That’s probably one of the main reasons why straight male escorts are so popular these days:


The client, in this case, a woman, is in complete control of the situation. She sets all the terms, and her male companion is there to play along.


As long as you remember that it’s separate from reality, hiring a gentleman is a healthy way to have some fun while easing your way into the “real” dating world.


Granted, the exchange of money for companionship is still a bit of a taboo topic, even now, in the 21st century. That’s not how I view it, though.


Most of us already readily spend money to boost our mood in many ways: psychotherapy, retail therapy, or yoga classes, to name a few. So, if you’re ready to reevaluate how you perceive this exchange of money for the companionship of a straight male escort, look at it like this:


It’s just another way to combat the stress of daily life.


Ultimately, it’s completely natural to seek attention from the opposite sex. It makes most people feel good to be doted on by an attractive person. Hiring a gentleman provides some ladies with the much-needed confidence boost!

Why Platonic Relationships Are Less Stressful — Bottom Line

As lovely as they are, traditional romantic relationships carry some negative aspects:  jealousy, breakups, and a whole host of frustrations. Platonic relationships provide an alternative:


You’ll get everything that romantic relationships offer: companionship, fun dates, mutual respect, but with the absence of romance and, well, stress.


Hiring an escort has become a great way for many women to experience dating and have fun without ever worrying about getting romantically involved. There’s no stress involved if the woman is merely looking for a friendly date with a fine gentleman.