anal sex experience

Looking for some useful tips for the perfect anal sex experience? Anal sex was once taboo, but now it’s increasingly common. However, not everyone enjoys it. It’s important to understand that enjoying anal sex doesn’t determine your sexual orientation. Likewise, it’s crucial to approach it correctly, as it may not be suitable for everyone. If you think all you need to do is to look at ass fucking porno pictures, then you have another thing coming. Below are some tips on how to have the perfect anal sex experience.

5 Useful Tips For The Perfect Anal Sex Experience

1. You need to trust your partner

When contemplating the exploration of anal sex within your relationship, trust should be paramount, irrespective of the duration of your partnership. Unlike vaginal intercourse, anal sex presents unique sensations and considerations, underscoring the importance of open communication regarding desires, boundaries, and comfort levels. The important thing is that you trust the person and that your partner trusts you as well. What you need to know about anal sex is that it is different from vaginal sex. Additional communication often proves necessary for this reason. You should always openly discuss anal sex with your partner.


Exploring the Pleasure of Anal Sex experience - It Feels So Good


2. You need to be clean for the perfect anal sex experience

Cleanliness is important if you’re planning to engage in anal sex. You need to be clean and you need to require your partner to be clean as well. Worries about coming into contact with feces make some people hesitant to try anal sex. But experts say that it’s really not an issue as long as the receiving partner has regular bowel movements. If you want to be 100% sure, then having an enema can help. Water enema is enough.

You should avoid using castor oil because it can get messy. You can also use condoms, dental dams, and gloves. What women should consider about is their vaginas being infected with bacteria from the anus. This is why it’s important to change condoms when switching from anal to vaginal sex.

3. You need to warm up

Like other people, your introduction to anal sex probably came from watching porn. And that’s ok. Porn can actually teach people a lot about anal sex. But you also need to know that it’s not enough. Porn only shows people the actual deed. It doesn’t show what goes behind the scenes. Before they do an anal sex scene in porn, they do a lot of preprations. The anus needs to be prepared well. It needs to be stretched. This is because the anus is much tighter than the vagina and it doesn’t lubricate naturally. So if you’re planning to try anal sex, you need to warm up first.

4. Lube is essential

If there’s one advice here that you need to remember it is that you should always use lube during anal sex. Again, this is because the anus doesn’t have natural lubrication like the vagina. Getting some outside help before starting is essential for people. There are many different kinds of lube to choose from. But many people seem to prefer silicon lube because it’s thick and it has a long lasting effect. It depends on you how much lube you want to use. But when you’re in doubt, just add more lube. You can also add more lube even after the sex is already under way.

5. Take it slow

Last but not the least, you need to take things really slow, especially if it’s your first time. You can start with a finger or tongue. You can also use a sex toy but make sure that it’s slim and small. The anus actually has two sphincters but only one is controlled voluntarily. The person needs to be relaxed for the other sphincter to be relaxed. This is why it’s important not to rush things.