One of the most controversial topics of our modern life is whether casual hookups and one-night stands are actually good for your mental health. If you are a singleton living a busy work life and who aren’t quite ready to settle down just yet, then you might consider casual adult encounters as a way to fill your emotional and physical needs.

When we read more about adults having casual sexual encounters, we become curious ourselves. But just because Becky from the city can have a different partner each weekend, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. If you are wondering whether you are capable of having no strings attached intercourse, then read our guide.

Sexual Tension Release

If you haven’t had intercourse in a while, you might find yourself extremely frustrated. There’s just something about human touch and intimacy that doesn’t come close to solo play. For those looking for a quick sexual tension release, a casual adult encounter can actually be good for you.

As long as you engage in physical contact with someone who are on the same page and who won’t expect anything more, then you are in the clear.



Curious About Fetishes

You might want to try out BDSM-type sexual acts, curious about your sexual preferences, or give your inner sexual fantasies a try, but you don’t necessarily want to include it into your relationship. That’s all good. You can let your freak flag fly once in a while. If you are curious about different sexual positions and styles, then you can definitely try out casual hookups.

When you go onto online dating sites that is specifically designed for one-night stands and sexual hookups, then you can be quite specific about what you are looking for. Who knows, you might end up really enjoying these curious sexual experiences and incorporate it into your relationships in the future.

You can really let your freak flag fly when engaging in intimate acts with a stranger. Read this article on how you can have great casual encounters.

Looking for a Potential Soulmate

If you are in the market for finding someone you can build a life with, then online hookup sites aren’t the right place to go looking for them. Most of the people who sign up for casual adult encounters are on the same page and they know exactly what to expect and what not to.

When you do engage in casual hookups with people who are really in it for the sexual gratification, you are prone to catch feelings and get really hurt. Stay away from people who are interested in no strings attached meetings when you are ready for something real.




Despite popular believe, hooking up isn’t only about jumping in bed and then running for the hills. There is a chance that you’ll actually meet someone that you can have a decent conversation with. Meeting another adult who has been through life and who have their own experiences to share, can be quite special.

You might find yourself chatting away after the deed, leaving you feeling emotionally supported and reenergized. This doesn’t mean that the person is your soulmate and that you should start dating. But just knowing that there are other interesting, respectful, and intelligent people out there who share your views on love and sex is a great comfort.


Human Connection

2020 has gave us all a new sense of gratitude. In the past, we could’ve gone wherever we wanted and hookup with the first good looking person we saw. But during lockdown and isolation, meeting new people has become an almost impossible task.

If you are craving human connection without the commitment of a relationship then hooking up is the right thing for you. It can actually be quite beneficial when done right.  Researchers have actually come the conclusion that having casual sex is much more important than we might think. Read why, here: https://www.businessinsider.com/benefits-of-casual-sex-2018-4?IR=T.


Whether you want to engage in casual adult hookups is completely up to you. Luckily, you have a few different online dating sites to refer to where you’ll be able to find someone with the same views and outlooks on this agreement. Resulting in a fun time without the commitment.