Most men want their partners to have an orgasm and reach their Seventh heaven, but not everyone succeeds. As a result, many suffer from self-doubt and increased anxiety, and this negatively affects erection. Representatives of the stronger sex rarely seek help from specialists and sometimes hesitate to ask the doctor intimate questions. Men need to know that women enjoy not only intercourse itself, but also kissing, touching, and emotion.


  • We have compiled a selection of tips for you on how to give your girlfriend unforgettable moments in bed.
  • You don’t have to be a sex god to please a woman in bed. It is enough to remember that the girl is important not only and not so much the process itself, but your attitude towards her.
  • According to the results of various polls, 75% of women do not experience an orgasm from penetration itself, but adore caresses, gentle words and kisses.


Here are 12 easy ways to bring your partner to the highest point of pleasure and make your night unforgettable.

Tease her with caresses

Kiss, nibble, and tenderly torment her body. The level of pleasure hormones in the body during anticipation of pleasure is much higher than during pleasure itself. Slowly increase the power of the impact, and your girlfriend will be covered with a wave of orgasm.


Hot kisses

Kisses are as important as sex itself. They spark the imagination and trigger a surge of hormones in the blood.


Slow down periodically

When you have almost brought your partner to orgasm, stop and slowly start winding her up again. Thus, the pleasure will be brighter and last much longer.


Dedicate half an hour of foreplay

It is very important to take the time to foreplay. Of course, there is no definite rule for how long they should last, but the warm-up is as important as the main part of the act of love.


Dirty talk

Many women enjoy being whispered in their ear during sex. The brain takes an active part in achieving orgasm, as playful words and sighs stimulate the amygdala, an area that is responsible for emotional pleasure.


Also, don’t forget that you can help your significant other achieve orgasm by watching various videos related to the porn industry. Often the choice of a couple is videos with teen and milfs, which are very popular among all age groups. The best videos of this genre can help your girlfriend achieve a clear orgasm from what she sees, because girls’ brains work like this and it is proved by a lot of different scientists from all over the world.


Feel free to study your partner’s body.

Look for places that delight her when touched. Among the most sensitive are the neck, shoulders, ears, lower abdomen, inner thighs, pits under the knees, buttocks and feet.


Add some footjob

You don’t need to consider yourself a pervert if you caress the feet of your beloved. Sucking on your partner’s toes can give her incomparable pleasure, because there are many nerve endings at their tips.


Do not hurry

On average, it takes a man two to ten minutes to reach orgasm, while a woman takes 16 to 20 minutes. Do not speed up or force her to rush, so as not to ruin everything. The quieter you go, the further you’ll get!


Mirror movements

Women, like men, are turned on by visual imagery. Place a mirror in front of your bed, or buy a large mirrored wardrobe. Watch yourself with your partner during sex to get even more aroused. The best poses for this are lady on top or doggy style.


Listen and memorize

A third of girls are embarrassed to talk about what they like in bed. Try to find out the information you need. If you, too, hesitate to talk about it face to face, write her playful messages. Do not laugh at all if her desires may seem strange, and do not be offended if she says that she does not like something.


Try tantric sex

  • Tantric sex is a great way to bond with your soul mate and brighten orgasm. Lie on top of each other and look eye to eye.
  • Breathe in sync, slowly move your hands over your partner’s body, caressing the erogenous zones.
  • Ten minutes of tantra a day will greatly improve your intimate life.


Erotic kisses

Hug and kiss the woman slowly while listening to her heartbeat. Work your way from the tips of your toes to your neck so that your loved one will be thrown into a sweet shiver. It should be remembered that the preferences of women and men in matters of sex differ significantly. This is due to the different reactions of the body to love