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Keeping Yourself Occupied During Lockdown

Quarantine has been very brutal for plenty of adults and many are searching for thing to keep you occupied during lockdown. A lot of people are forced to stay indoors 24/7. Working at home became the norm. Online shopping turned into a big necessity. And worst of all, the biggest taboo this season is seeing another soul.

Thankfully, in a lot of places, Covid-19 is slowly being eradicated. However, a lot of countries are either still quarantined or are going back into another lockdown. And you might be one of the unlucky ones.

So how do you stay occupied when in lockdown? Whether you are single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, you can still find ways to get down and dirty. Here are 7 sexy activities that can spice things up while you’re at home.

Occupied During Lockdown

1 Order Some Brand New Toys

Maybe your toy collection is getting a little bland. Or maybe you don’t have a collection to begin with! Whatever the case may be, lockdown can be the perfect time to invest in some good sex toys. Online shopping is discreet, unlike buying in person. You also have a wide range of shops to choose from. So get that new vibrator today and spice your nights up. Just don’t forget to disinfect them!

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2 Get Down Mating with your Mate

Just think of lockdown as cuffing season, albeit a little longer than usual. If you are stuck at home with your significant other, why not make it Valentine’s Day every day? Sure, Covid-19 can be a big downer, but at least you have someone to cuddle with. Have romantic nights with your S.O. and end them with a bang. Pretty soon, all those Covid woes will be out the window.

3 Sext The Night Away

Alternatively, you can get it on with someone online. It can be with a long-distance partner or a new face on a dating app. Sexting is the hottest (and safest) way to get naughty this time of year. All you need is a good internet connection, a good device (preferably with a camera), and a good-looking body.

4 Pamper Yourself (Especially Down There)

Does your world revolve around online work, chores, and health care? We get you when you say it’s all tiring. Times are uncertain, and you have to balance plenty of things on your shoulder. That’s why we recommend that you give yourself a self-care day. You have your typical options like having a bubble bath or giving yourself a mani-pedi. But you can also show some love down there with some masturbation.

Break out the scented candles and romantic music. You might even want to try that new toy you got online. Give yourself all the pampering you need.

5 Practice Your Love-Making Skills

Sex, like a lot of things, is considered a skill that you can master. And since Covid-19 has given you more time for yourself, why not enhance it? Keep yourself busy by learning some new tricks. You can read articles, watch tutorials, or try it on yourself or with your partner. Lockdown has allowed a lot of people to hone their hobbies and abilities. So why not do the same?

6 Create Intimate Connections Online

People are glued to their phones day and night because of quarantine. The online world is the only way you can interact with people outside your home. So while you are on the net, you might as well make some good connections. That cute guy you have been texting with? Maybe try video calling with him. Or how about going on a nice gaming session with that cute lady you met on social media. Who knows, maybe things can escalate into something more _romantic. _Don’t let time pass you by. Create meaningful and intimate connections, even if it is on the internet.

7 Plan Your Next Date

Finally, you can plan your next date with your S.O. while in lockdown. Don’t let the quarantine blues get to you. Instead, communicate with your date about how you want things to go when you meet face-to-face. You have all the time to schedule those romantic dinner dates and sexy BDSM nights. Let your fantasy roam freely as you plan your next encounter.

There are a lot of spicy ways for you to enjoy your quarantine. Don’t let the pandemic get you down. Instead, use this time as a way to free yourself sexually. Just make sure to practice sex safely and consensually. If you are like me, and are in Sydney Australia July 2021 then you are no stranger to the word Covid lately, as the state battles a second wave and an ongoing lockdown.

Many are now fearful of simple everyday tasks such as retail shopping, with the possibility of picking up the virus while doing so and it is essential to follow the NSW government CoVid guidelines. So here is my 8th tip for the ultimate in safe shopping that will help you to maximise the delight in the previous 7.

8. Click & Collect Shopping CoVid Safe Shopping At Adultsmart

Adultsmart is conveniently situated at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah in Sydney’s South. The telephone is (02) 9533 7217 and the Covid trading hours that are subject to change are 9am-10pm Monday to Sunday.

Click and Collect Services allow you to order and pre-pay for your purchases online. You can browse at your leisure when visiting an online store and choose the items that you could otherwise not do in store because of Covid restrictions. It also allows contactless purchases if you choose to utilize a service like the Adultsmart Contactless Click and Collect Option,

Sex And Depression – Lets Have a Cuppa!

Some of us have felt what it is like to have a bad day or a bad week, however once that week passes and you continue to be in a down state past 2 weeks; this is an early sign of depression. The word depression is thrown around loosely this day and age but should not be taken lightly. reported that One in seven Australians will experience depression in their lifetime. If you have 7 close friends or work with 7 different people then at least one of them will suffer from Depression. I’ve started seeing signs and one of the biggest toll it is taking on me is not having a high libido or being able to get erections.

Depressed Sex

How Does Depression Affect Libido?

Normally, being young and fit, I do not struggle in this area, however due to my head space this has caused and issue with me and including taking a hit to my confidence. If you take away a lions desire to hunt, he will slowly fade away into existence and this is how I have felt over the last month whilst battling with what I am going through.

However, this blog is solely dedicated to the men out there that are going through it, just know you aren’t alone and if you keep fighting you will get to the best space you could imagine yourself in. Below are some of the strategies I have incorporated to move towards a better me and a much stronger erection.

Strategies You Can Use To Overcome Depression

I have increased my water intake drastically. Water is like the essence of life. We need it to survive, so by increasing your intake of it, we not only drastically improve our cognitive functions but we also improve and stabilise out mood. By viewing drinking water as a positive activity, not only will you be doing something positive every hour but this will also strengthen your mind that you are making good and positive choices. Go to your local Coles and buy a VOSS glass bottle as you won’t be re-using any of the plastic bottles which (when reused) can have toxins in them. You’ll also be able to track how much water you are drinking.

  • Maca Tea Boosts Your Sex Drive

I have a Maca tea every single day. Maca is an herbal root known for its power to boost the male libido and also decrease the size of your prostate. Within just 6 weeks of having Maca tea, you’ll notice a difference in your sexual desire, as the root works to significantly increase it. The root is also used to help stabilise emotions, so it will be a help to counteract both the imbalance of emotions and lack of sexual desire that comes with depression. Include vitamins such as B Complex, Omega 3 and St John’s Wort into your diet and watch a significant difference in the stabilization of your mood.

  • Use Affirmations To Your Benefit

Every morning I say my affirmations. Affirmations are powerful as they are a constant reminder to your subconscious mind of who you are and who you want to become. By constantly fueling your mind with affirmations you will find yourself walking in the shoes of who you once wanted to be.

By using the affirmations ‘I have an extremely high sex drive and positive sexual energy’ and ‘Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better’ you are leaking to your subconscious what you are after. Be consistent and rigorous with your affirmations. Don’t only use the morning to say them, use lunch and dinner to constantly keep your positive train of thought running.

  • Incorporate Daily Exercise

Making exercise a daily habit. It is known around the world that exercising your body is one of the greatest antidepressants that there is available. By moving your body and sticking to a consistent workout routine, your brain will reap the benefits of the endorphins that will be flooding it. You’ll also notice a difference in your physical appearance after 5-6 weeks, meaning your confidence level will go up due to your body looking so much better.

Join a local sporting team which will encourage you to socialise with other people. Due to your circumstances, you will struggle at first to really want to be around other people however, combining exercise with socializing will have a profound positive impact on your mental state. You’ll be socialising and exercising all in one.

Now everyone’s diagnosis is different and will need to seek professional advice to really help them navigate towards beating their own depression; however by using the above tips, they can universally help you begin your fight against depression crippling libido to regain your sexual dominance. If you follow each step daily and religiously, I guarantee you within 8 weeks you will notice a huge positive change. Remember to take each day as it comes and stay extremely positive on your journey. Where you currently are isn’t going to be where you are always going to be.

Written by a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores!