Build Male Sexual Confidence Now

Sexual Confidence is an issue of trust that awaits us and effects Male Sexual Confidence. Although everything in the boudoir works, many people at one time in their sexual adventures are destined to be in trouble. “When it comes to sex, relationship adviser and sex therapist, everyone has a certain confidence problem.

The anxieties should instead be taken up and possibly even spend a while to prepare for possible obstacles, rather than allowing this inanity to discourage them. Here are few ways people may increase their confidence in their beds and prepare for self-esteem hits. There are various products available on lendgogo which will help you.

Hijunmi Masturbation Cup

HIJUNMI Male Electric Vibrating & Sucking Masturbation Cup from lendgogo has 10 kinds of vibration modes*4 kinds of sucking function, it can be performed between different operating modes, from gentle warm-up vibrations to thunderous stimulation. Also with an 18cm penetrating hallway, can perfectly wrap your penis, and you can have a good experience of deep oral sex.

In addition, this masturbator with an automatic cleaning function. When the water is sucked into the cup body, it will flow out smoothly through the pipe to the remote-controlled drain port, which is very convenient to operate and makes your cleaning process faster and simple.

Try new things, you will have a new experience of climax.

Accept Yourself To Increase Confidence In Bed

Most individuals get caught up in the misconceptions during sex too. You worry about what you appear like, the strange expression your spouse has just done, or if you follow their sequences of sex confidence. Working to develop sex confidence in the bed at the time is one of lendgogo greatest hints. If a person can accept what is happening, feelings, sights, and sensations, these joys might fill anxiety over performance.

Practise Edging To Increase Confidence

Practicing consciousness might help some people become more aware of and focus on their physical experiences during sex and it will boost you sex confidence. Edging is a method for masturbation when a guy is as close as possible to climax and stops to prolong the orgasm. This approach can help him postpone ejaculation timing — a typical worry — and many men claim that it causes greater orgasm (eventually). Edging may enhance a man’s trust in the control he has over his excitement and offer him a deeper awareness of the many sex’s confidence than an obsession with climax.

Yalaso Double Stimulation Masturbator

It is an amazing product from lendgogo, YALASO double stimulation masturbator, it can rotate horizontally and move pistons, or move vertically and horizontally at the same time. With 3 frequencies + 6 types of pistons and high-speed rotation modes, you can automatically enjoy all the fun from slow to fast and many types.

It is also equipped with a powerful suction cup to adjust the angle as you want. It can be used for bathroom glass, doors, walls, and you can enjoy masturbation anywhere.

Many Lendgogo Products Can Help To Improve Confidence

There are several items in Lendgogo which boost men’s sex confidence. This seamless strategy is an option to males who do not like the thought of planning for the worst-case situation. It entails visualizing the right sexual experience, then going to the actual session, thinking that your intended achievement is within grasp.

One of the products from Lendgogo is the tongue-liking white warming masturbator. It features a tongue of fluid silicone that may flexibly improve the oral enjoyment from low to high frequencies.

Functions Of The Toy

This product comes with a USB heating stick, just like a real girl sucking with a warm mouth, through scientific design, intelligent heating to 38 degrees, reaching super close to the real warmth, allowing you to have a new experience. There are also 5 powerful vibration frequencies * 5 tongue modes, tongue made of liquid silicone, soft and comfortable tongue licking function, 25 kinds of combinations for enjoyment.

In addition, it has a sound function, which can make a lot of sexy sounds. The faster the motions, the voice will become more intense.

Such a good product, you honestly deserve one if you are looking to increase your confidence in bed.


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Revitalize Your Relationship – Schedule A Date Night!

We currently live in a society where our need for more makes us lose site of what we already have. We put all of our hours into our work to realise that the simple things that those before us valued most.. Are free! Time is one of the most precious commodities on the planet and so is your relationship if you nurture it correctly.

Revitalize Your Relationship

Author Tim Urban said “When you choose a life partner, your choosing a lot of things, including your parenting partner and someone who will deeply influence your children, your eating companion for about 20,000 meals, your travel companion for about 100 vacations, your primary leisure time and retirement friend, your career therapist, and someone who’s day you will hear about 18,000 times” in other words, it is important to nurture your relationship, with love, tenderness and strength and especially time.

Most individuals don’t realise the true value of quality time. Setting timeout for each other is not only a commitment but it is a necessity to keep the sparks flying in your relationship. Now everyone has different circumstances in life, some people are able to have a date night every week or every fortnight or even once per month. No matter what, you must schedule in that time and it must be labeled as “Date Night”. No excuses, no compromises. This goes for couples of all ages, you have to learn to enjoy your time with each other.

simple date night tips to follow

Simple Date Night Tips You Can Follow

Now, for the date night! People assume that a date night has to include a fancy place to eat that is going to cost $500 for a steak the size of a 50 cent coin. No. There are so many simple date night ideas to really switch up the flow. I will give you a list of 5 great yet simple date night ideas below:

A Date Doesn’t Mean You Have To Go To Eat:

  • Just because it is date night, does not mean you have to go eat at all. Go for an hour walk with your partner, talk life, talk family, talk work, talk about each other whilst you get your endorphins pumping. If you really want to step it up a notch, make it a workout date and do a HIIT workout together, that will definitely get you hot and sweaty and might even prep you for some late night fun. There are so many different tracks, scenic walking trails or coastal walks around that it will be hard not to find one that suits you!

Eat A Pizza Near The Beach:

  • Go to a pizza shop near a beach, order a pizza that you both like.. If you don’t both like the same pizza then these days most pizza shops give you the option of having a split pizza with different toppings on each half. Take your pizza and go and sit by the beach, enjoy the fresh air and eachother company. If you can get a double whammy, try to get a beach that has a scenic view.

Have A Picnic:

  • Following up on the above idea, nothing is more romantic than when your partner puts together a picnic basket with all your favourite cheeses, hams, a bottle of Red or White and a little naughty dessert. Sometimes the simplicity of a date can actually make it an amazing one. Get a beach mat and find a nice grassy knoll with a killer view and spend the night really enjoying eachothers company.

Stay At A Hotel:

  • I can not miss the overnight hotel stay. Now, straight away your mind goes to sex, however there is so many different fun things you can do in a hotel room that don’t include sex. The first of them is sex. Ok just kidding. Most hotels have in room movies, spa’s, massage, room service or you can bring some board games from home. There are so many different things you can do. Lets be realistic now, you’ll also be having wacky hotel room sex that will keep you happy, fresh and rejuvinated.

Do Some Fun Activities:

  • Go out to the movies, indoor golf, bowling, an arts and crafts night, a museum, a foodie market, do a cooking class together. There are so many different and fun things that you can do together if you just put your mind too it. Remember, your not just spending 5 hours together, you are making those 5 hours pure quality time.


Now that you have those 5 directions to head in, don’t forget to always keep your partner in the loop of what they like. Date night is together time (“Babe I’ll play games and you watch” is an example of what not to do).


One last thing, just because it is Date “Night” does not mean that you can not both set time for each other during the day. There are so many different ways that you can make your quality time with your partner happen…so just do it!    Even a simple trip to your local adult lifestyle center to pick up some goodies that will put a smile on your dial.