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Why Online Sex Shops Are Better

People love to shop, no matter where in the world they are and if they have the monetary means to do it, they will. This will not change anytime soon, and embracing it is the right thing to do. Many people agree that online sex shops are better than brick and mortar stores. Today we will dive deeper and compare the two to provide a more detailed answer.

The questions are, which is better, shopping online or in a store? What about shopping for something as specific as a sex toy? Would you be willing to go out into your local store to pick something up for yourself or your partner, or would you rather do it in the privacy and comfort of your own home? There are some fascinating facts about this online as well.

Comparing The Two With Pros And Cons

These and many other sorts of questions are what a lot of sex toy fanatics have been looking for answers to and were here to clear the air out for everyone. Currently, it is a difficult one to answer, with the current climate.

One thing is for sure, the typical consensus at the moment is to shop online of course, not just for sex toys but for anything from clothes, shoes, lubrication, candles, perfumes, you name it…and because we have been placed in this “online-shopping” situation, my retailers and manufacturers have started offering the option of an online store, where there wasn’t one before.

Is one better than the other? Or are both the same experiences? Something tells us they may not be the same. First, let’s look at what online shoppers are saying about buying products from the intimate toy industry.

Online Sex Toy Shopping

Did you know on average, consumers make at least 19 online purchases per year? And with stores such as these Adult Smart that offer a variety of different offerings for every preference, one can make those amount of purchases in a month, let alone a year!

Unrivalled Convenience

Let’s cut to the chase and point out the most obvious thing here – it’s convenient. When you want something, all you need to do is turn on your laptop, do a quick google search and voila! You have hundreds of results popping up in Infront of you to choose from. Click on the one you like, add it to the cart, lastly make your payment and your off to the races. How convenient is that?

Quick Postage And Low Prices

Dare we say it’s quick too?

How about the fact that you not only need to shop at your local online store, but you have the option of looking at what sex toys the ladies and gentlemen in France are using, or in Italy, or Asia for that matter, and but it, possibly even cheaper than in your local store. And if you’re lucky your delivery may just be for free.

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All-Day Availability

Should we look at the timing of this option? Can anyone say 24/7? That’s right, you don’t need to wait for the shop to be open, you can buy it at 3 am in the morning or at 6 pm in the evening, it’s there for the taking, and everything is in one place too. No running around the stores finding the right vibrator or lubrication at 3 am because you’ve run out.

A Wider Range To Select From

Sometimes you may find that brick and mortar stores that have online stores as well, have special offers on them that you may not get when you visit their hub. This could be a huge advantage in saving costs, plus you may find that they have a wider variety online than in-store mainly due to capacity and lack of space. Putting images up on a website is far less spatially convenient for the seller.

No Waiting In Line

Lastly, another important factor is there is no waiting in long lines to enter the store or at the check-out line, where you will get tempted to buy something else you don’t want, while you wait for your turn. Thus, the goods that are placed in the check-out aisles, that are there to entice you.

Online Sex Shops Are Better

Shopping at Your Local Sex Store

Traditional retailers, or what is called, the ‘brick and mortar’ businesses have started to fall behind by almost 3%, as per some online sources. However, this has not stopped many industries and sectors from building their spaces for people to experience things first-hand, in the flesh.

See Before You Buy

Were talking about the five senses, touch, smell, hear, see, and taste. There is nothing better than being able to do this to get the first-hand experience of the product you are buying because what you see on the online store, may not necessarily be what you get.

Get The Item Instantly

When shopping at a store you can instantly buy the item, there and then, instead of waiting for it to get delivered to your premises. Plus, it’s the thrill of the experience of going shopping, both for your mental and physical well-being. Not just that but there are tips online on how to make the best out of your shopping experience.

Much Easier To Gauge Correct Size

Secondly, trying items on for size is also a good reason to go into a shop. Of course, you can’t do this with a sex toy shop but at least you can see how it feels in your hands, and against your skin.  Weight and texture are important factors for comfort in this industry.

The third point is timing. If you have enough time on your hands, you can go from one shop to the other to look for competitive pricing and get some physical activity while you’re at it. The instantaneous experience you get is unmatchable when sitting at your desk on your laptop and going through dozens of different websites sieving through various tabs endlessly.

According to statistics, it was noted that 50% of Americans liked online shopping better than going to the store. The remaining 49% preferred their local stores for sex toy shopping. So, it seems the consensus is not much different for either one.

We could add a lot more information to this article but it will continue to lean towards the online experience is far better than shopping at your local store – take our word for it!