Having sex with a partner is great, but sadly not everyone has that luxury all the time and needs to Use your Sex Toys. Factors such as timing, distance, adventurism, boredom, and many others can necessitate the use of a sex toy. And thankfully, as great as sex with a partner is, there are sex toys out there capable of doing a similar job, or even better.

What’s more, if you have the luxury to afford both, you don’t even have to choose! You can very well have fun with both your partner and a sex toy. That’s what makes it awesome.

Despite efforts, boredom often arises from repetition, especially when actions remain unchanged over time.

That is why, inevitably, there will come a time when you need to switch things up. Highlighted are adventurous ways to use sex toys alone or with a partner, ensuring an exciting sex life.


Use your sex toys


Use Your Sex Toys Outdoors in Public


Getting butt naked and fucking outdoors in public is exhilarating, but in certain cases, it can also get you arrested. That is why you need a really creative way to pull this off. Enter sex toys.

Remote-controlled sex toys enable outdoor fun, allowing partners to stimulate each other, even to orgasm, enhancing excitement.

On a shopping date, place the sex toy inside and give your partner the remote control for playful excitement. Now you are their whims, and they can choose to make you moan and shake whenever they please.

Turn it into a game: both partners wear sex toys and hold each other’s remote-control devices for added excitement.


Cam Platforms


Did you know that it is possible to allow other people to remotely fuck your brains out using sex toys inserted in your private part even though they are miles away? Thanks to cam platforms, you can safely create a profile for yourself and perform for an admiring audience dying to fuck you remotely.

With the right sex toy and applications, you can set it so that the control is in their hands. For a certain amount of money you may hand them the control for, say, five minutes during which they can literally make you cum as many times as they like.

Of course for this you have to keep a few things in mind. The first is choosing the right cam platform for your exhibitionism. You want a platform that is safe, secure, has a lot of traffic and is well managed. For this we recommend Chaturbate.

You also want your profile to clearly reflect your objectives on the platform. For this you may make use of Designurbate.com to design a quick, high-quality profile graphics free of charge. And through this you can pass across your information easily and effectively.

Profile design on Chaturbate also helps you stand out and eliminate unsuitable audiences.

Men can also earn on Chaturbate in a similar fashion by letting fetish lovers watch them, or by also using remote vibrators anally if they happen to be gay.


Use Your Sex Toys While You Fuck


Using sex toys while you can fuck can pretty much double the experience for you. Many tend to shy away from this because they feel it somehow diminishes the ego of their partners, which is fair in some cases.

If you happen to have a partner who doesn’t mind, however, then using your sex toys while you fuck can open up a whole new world of sexual arousal. There are also certain positions that are just perfect for this. For instance when fucking on a sturdy chair, with the penetrating partner sited on the bottom and the receiving partner on top facing forward, either one of the partners could additionally stimulate the partner on top with an appropriate sex toy.

You can also try a variation of this with both partners lying on their sides, or even better, with a remote-controlled bullet vibrator lodged in a hole while your partner penetrates the other.

The only limit here is your imaginations.


Try Edging with Sex Toys


Edging is the sexual activity where you get close to orgasm and then retreat before you actually get there. Edging is great but is usually harder when you do it with a partner, because in that case you’ll be needing two different sets of self-control to retreat.

With sex toys, however, edging becomes a lot easier. Now this is not to say you can’t try edging with your partner. In fact, the best way to do it is with your partner.

By using a sex toy, you can either get your partner close to orgasm and retreat, or they get you close to orgasm and retreat. The key thing here is that neither of you are in control of your own sexual pleasures. You’re fully in the hands of the other person, and so there is no need for self-control when you’re almost there.

There is also a level of excitement when you’re completely at another person’s mercy during sex. All of these, and the sheer pain and pleasure of edging itself, makes this a truly exciting way to use your sex toys.


Use Your Sex Toys In Conjunction with Household Items


Getting creative with your sex toy use can add a whole new layer of pleasure. Get creative with household items, adding them to your sex session with sex toys for extra excitement with your partner.

Use a washing machine as the ultimate vibrator while using an actual vibrator for double pleasure. Add butter for added sensation. Use socks as a blindfold and household tape for kinky handcuffs during sex with toys.

Belts, showers, and Nutella can also play a huge role in this arrangement.