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Increase Sexual Desire In Couples

Changing levels of sexual desire in couples is a widespread problem, especially in long-term relationships. Although it can happen anytime, most people facing such issues early in the relationship get out of it right away. However, the solution isn’t that simple when the couple facing a gradual decrease of sexual desire has been together for a long time. Even though free hookup sites can help to solve the issue instantly, using them may account for infidelity in partnership.

So although very attractive, it shouldn’t be considered a solution. As for the solution, it is essential first to understand the real issue behind the lack of sexual desire in a person. Hence, get down to find all the things causing you or your partner the decreased levels of sexual drive and use solutions accordingly. But, before that, begin your journey of increased libido with the sexual desire definition.

Sexual Desire Explained

Sexual desire is an urge for intimacy with your partner in any form. Generally, the impulse is more in the late teens and slowly subsides with age. Even though it is the response of raging sex hormones, namely testosterone and estrogen, other factors can also control the hormones’ release. It means that the factors that influence the sexual desire in a person change the dynamics of a couple.

Sexual Desire Examples

Sexual desire is a feeling, an emotion that cannot have examples but can be related to specific actions. For instance, it can be an urge to:

  • Touch your partner.
  • Kiss lips, neck, hands, etc.
  • Lick and suck nipples, lips.
  • Pucker on lips
  • Attraction towards touching the genitals of self or partner
  • Cuddle
  • Intercourse
  • Your member down there getting firmer or wet is also an example or rather an indication of your sexual desire.

Ways That You Can Increase Sexual Desire In Couples

Sexual desire can be affected in part by addressing the issues that cause the decrease of the urge in a partner. If the problem is in you, you can instantly identify it, but you will need to communicate when it’s your partner. If you plan to study their behavior, it won’t work because it will only show avoiding touch but not the cause. So, sit down and get talking to find the roots. The problems affecting the low level or lack of sexual desire can be of three primary forms.

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Mental Barrier

Studies show that mental health impacts the sexual desire and satisfaction of a person. Problems like stress, anxiety, depression are increasingly becoming a common problem, especially with today’s youth. It slows down the level of interest in seeking love and comfort from anyone.

Solutions To Increase Sexual Desire:

If the mental barrier is the problem, you will not be able to find it by asking. You will have to notice the behavioral changes in the person. Notice for lack of excitement or interest in anything, fake smiles, too much sleep, or lack of it. Dark circles, hair fall, irritation also indicates mental issues. Take them to a therapist or a psychiatrist for help. Do not neglect it because the problem can be more profound than your sexual desire.

Psychological Issues

Sex can become a routine after the honeymoon period; most people need a way to spice it up. Some couples try kinks, fantasies, role-play, toys, and even polygamy to experiment and keep the sexual desire alive. If you or your partner have fantasies that the other cannot satisfy, the sexual desire will subside.

Communicate with an open mind. Sex is a need, and its lack can severely damage a long-term relationship, especially when the sexual desire of a person remains unsatisfied for a while. It either invites cheating or break-up. You can avoid it by talking about fantasies and trying. If one of you is scared, try with small changes to remove the fear from the mind.

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Physical Barriers

Sexual desire but no attraction can be an issue when the body is a problem. Men may have erectile dysfunction; women may have hormonal imbalance, especially before menopause. Turn-offs towards a partner can also lower sexual desire. But it only means that the sexual desire changes with the partner.

Stop the problems from being an emotional barrier and communicate. Ask your partner for their turn-offs and speak up for yourself. Make efforts to address them the way you would do early in a relationship to impress each other. Get involved in foreplay, massage, romantic vacations. If it’s your body, then seek medical help.

Researchers have found that food and lifestyle affect the sexual desire in the human body. Healthy eating, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and yoga or exercise can show magical results on your sexual desire and libido. Tell us in the comments when did you last talk sex with your partner?

Using Sex toys can help you to explore safely with your partner and overcome any worries you may have before intercourse.

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Wrapping Up

Addressing the decline in sexual desire in couples, especially in long-term relationships, requires a multifaceted approach. Understanding the root causes—whether mental, psychological, or physical—helps in developing effective solutions. Mental health issues like stress and depression can significantly impact sexual desire. Identifying these issues through observation and seeking professional help is crucial. Psychological barriers can arise from routine and unmet fantasies, necessitating open communication and experimentation to reignite passion.

Physical barriers, such as hormonal imbalances or erectile dysfunction, should be addressed through medical consultation and lifestyle changes. Incorporating healthy habits, such as proper diet and regular exercise, can also enhance libido. By fostering open dialogue, seeking appropriate help, and making concerted efforts to rekindle intimacy, couples can overcome challenges and revitalize their sexual desire, strengthening their bond and overall relationship satisfaction.

Author’s bio:

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.