How To Attract Women

Lots of men assume the only way to attract women is by looking good and talking with them. However, having good chat up lines and looking your best is not the most important thing. It is in fact, possible to attract women without saying one single word, especially for those looking for a serious relationship. 

Women are attracted to the mysterious side of a man. So that’s one of the reasons why saying nothing at all can prove beneficial when attracting ladies. Most women will want to get to know a man better if they feel there is a mysterious side to them. They will feel an urge to try to understand what secrets the man is keeping from the rest of the world. Here are a few examples of what women will want to find out if they feel a man is mysterious. 

  • Desires
  • Secrets
  • Fears
  • Vulnerabilities

Sure, if you have a chat-up line, use it. But lots of women find these pick-up lines cheesy and at times pathetic. Perhaps it’s time to forget about these lines and use body language as your first method of communication. Nonverbal communication can work wonders when attracting women. 

eye contact

Use Eye Contact To Attract Women

People use eye contact for lots of reasons. Many salespeople claim eye contact is more important than a handshake. They use a tool which they call S.E.X. (Smile, Eye Contact, and eXcitement). Similar to attracting women, many salespeople feel they will make a sale before they start to speak to the person just by making the correct eye contact. 

If a lady walks into a bar and makes eye contact with you, your heart might skip a beat if you find her attractive. The way a woman stares at you can tell you if she is interested in you or not. Most confident guys can make strong eye contact with women. If a woman makes strong eye contact with you this is usually a strong signal that she is flirting with you. 

Eye contact is vital as it shows two very important things that you should remember:

  • Confidence 
  • Dominance

Most women are searching for a man that makes them feel secure and safe. If you are unable to make eye contact with a woman it gives the impression that you lack confidence and you are weak. Most guys break eye contact before the women does as they feel embarrassed, which is a complete waste of a golden opportunity. 

Practice locking eyes with women. Even if you fail miserably at your first attempt, the more you try the easier it will get.


Look Your Best

When you start to lock eyes with ladies you’ll want to look good too. We all know that looking good is one of the best ways to get attention from ladies, but feeling good about yourself is just as important. If you’re feeling strong mentally and physically healthy, the chances are that you a confident person. Women can easily pick up on this. 

Posture is vital when getting noticed. If you have a bad posture it shows weakness, so practice the following:

  • Head straight up
  • Shoulders back
  • Eyes forward

Having a good posture will lower your stress levels, improve your memory, and increase both your energy and happiness. If you are unsure if you have a good posture, ask your friends or family for their thoughts. 

When choosing what clothes to wear, don’t pick clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. Sure, fashionable clothes will help you attract good-looking women, but if you feel uncomfortable wearing them it will be hard to show confidence. 


Interacting with your Friends 

The friends that you are hanging out with can help boost your self-image. Have fun with your friends by joking and laughing with them. If a woman is interested in you, she will be taking note of how you interact with others around you. It’s very important as she will be observing you trying to understand what type of man you are. 

Your energy will show if you are a confident guy. If you are shy in front of your friends and just hide in the corner, it’s not something most ladies are looking for. This doesn’t mean you need to be the center of attention when talking with your friends, but if you come across looking like you are in a bad mood, then the likelihood of women becoming attractive to you is low. 


Smile To Attract Women!

It is scientifically proven that both men and women find smiling attractive. A study that was carried out in 1982 claimed that smiling can help compensate for other unattractive features a person might have. 

Smiling is one of your most important features when attracting ladies. It gives girls the feeling that you are a friendly person, genuinely happy and nice to be around. Ladies pick up on a fake smile very quickly, so make sure it’s genuine. 

Smiling is contagious, so when you smile at a woman, she will automatically smile back. Making a girl smile is a fantastic way of flirting. 

A recent survey showed that the first thing that ladies noticed in men was not their trendy clothes or their cool hairstyle (although looking good is still important) but was their teeth. Body language experts claim that when we are attracted to someone we look at their lips first. So having those pearly whites on display is vital. 

smile to woo females


Don’t over complicate the process of attracting women. Smiling, looking good, having fun with your friends, and making eye contact are simple ways that anybody can do to attract women. Don’t expect every girl that you lock eyes with to jump into bed with you, but with practice, it should build your confidence and open up some opportunities that you might not have known were there in the past. 

The bible says “A fool’s mouth is his destruction”. So without going up to a girl you fancy and saying something that sounds silly, try using some of these nonverbal approaches as mentioned above help you get ladies attracted to you without breathing a word to them.   So follow the law of attraction and everything will work out ok.