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Having Virtual Sex

As a newcomer to adult cam services, the whole thing can feel alien and awkward especially Having Virtual Sex. Negotiating that initial learning curve can be tricky, whether with a long-term partner or a stranger.

Not to mention, aiming to provide an equally enjoyable experience for the person on the other end of the line.

There’s a good chance your first few times at bat will be daunting, if not downright disastrous.  But given time, you’ll soon find yourself performing like a pro.

This begins with figuring out the perfect position for virtual sex, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Armed with a laptop, smartphone, or tablet PC, you can technically stick it anywhere and point it in any direction you like.

Having Virtual Sex

But if you are looking to make the most of your virtual sexual encounters (for yourself and your virtual partner), these are the positions the pros swear by:

1. The Elevated Laptop

As the name suggests, this is where you place your laptop in an elevated position while kneeling on the floor, giving your partner a full-frontal view. You can cut the image off at the neck if you feel more comfortable not showing your face, which is often the case with first-timers.  From this angle, you can touch yourself anywhere and twist, turn, and writhe as much as you like.

This setup allows for extensive physical freedom; you can easily touch yourself, and your movements can be as subtle or expressive as desired, enhancing the overall interactive experience.

The Pros:

  • Enhanced Angle Control: Adjusting the laptop’s height and angle lets you fine-tune the view, ensuring optimal visual quality and engagement.
  • Privacy Options: Provides the ability to remain partially anonymous by not showing your face, which can ease comfort and reduce anxiety for beginners.

2. Just the Crotch – Having Virtual Sex

While this may sound like a particularly intimidating position, it’s one of the most comfortable to start with. This is where you elevate your laptop slightly from the floor, kneel in front of it, and direct the camera squarely to your groin area. This gives your partner an up-close-and-person view of your genitals, leaving the rest of your body out of the frame. It sounds weird for such an intimate shot, but this closed-frame viewpoint brings a surprising feeling of discretion and anonymity.

Showing just the crotch can also reduce the initial awkwardness by focusing the interaction on physical rather than facial expressions. It allows for a clear and uninterrupted view, making the virtual experience more direct and concentrated.

The Pros:

  • Focus on Detail: Targets visual attention to specific areas, enhancing the intimate experience through detailed exploration.
  • Increased Comfort: Reduces the pressure of full-body presentation, allowing participants to feel more at ease during the session.

3. Side wards Laying

If you prefer to go for something subtler, try laying on your side. Place your laptop on the floor, and position yourself away from your webcam. This position can focus on your full mid-section, your entire body from head to toe, your body without your face, or a close-up of the good stuff. You can also twist and move your laptop during your virtual hook-up if you want a treatment of something different along the way.

A setup like this allows for dynamic shifts in camera angles, adapting to the mood and progression of your virtual encounter. Additionally, it supports varied visual narratives, enhancing engagement with creative and changing perspectives.

The Pros:

  • Visual Variety: Offers multiple viewing angles and parts of the body, keeping the virtual interaction visually engaging.
  • Flexibility in Movement: Encourages a more natural, relaxed posture, which can be easily adjusted for comfort and effect during the session.

4. Face Time – Having Virtual Sex

It’s worth remembering that virtual sex does not necessarily have to be all about shoving your genitals in your partner’s face. One of the hottest approaches to virtual sex is that where you don’t send any clear visuals at all. You hold your smartphone above your face as you lay on the floor before engaging in erotic talk and mutual masturbation. You tell them what you’re doing (rather than giving them a graphic display) and let their imagination run riot.  Plus, it’s no secret that seeing another person’s face in the throes of ecstasy is just about as erotic as it gets.

This prioritizes emotional connection and verbal intimacy, transforming the virtual space into a deeply personal experience. It also allows for a more discreet interaction, ideal for those valuing privacy.

The Pros:

  • Enhanced Emotional Intimacy: Encourages deeper emotional connections through voice and expression, fostering a more personal bond.
  • Privacy and Discretion: Keeps the visual details private, which can increase comfort and reduce anxiety about physical appearance.

Having Virtual Sex

5. Break Out the Tripod

It is worth picking up a basic tripod if you plan on using a smartphone. This will give you the freedom to spare him, and we’ve all different positions, and to give both the view of the gift of the true hands-free (or hands-on) experience. For something seriously sexy, try positioning your smartphone on a tripod on a high shelf, giving them a full shot of you doing your thing on the bed, the couch, the floor, or anywhere else.

Using a tripod stabilizes your device, ensuring smooth, clear video without the shakes or awkward angles common in handheld sessions. It also frees your hands, allowing you to engage more fully and naturally with your performance.

The Pros:

  • Stability and Clarity: Ensures a steady, clear view, enhancing the quality of the virtual experience.
  • Hands-Free Interaction: Allows for more expressive and engaging actions, enhancing the dynamism of the session.


6. Turn Down the Lights

Keep things as bright and graphic as possible if you want your virtual sex to come out like a DIY porn flick. If you’re more about dialing up the romance and passion, turn the lights, and tone down the visuals slightly. Both can be equally awesome, so why not experiment with both?

7. Try Role Playing

Last, virtual sex provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in fantasies you may find too awkward to embrace in real life. Dressing up, role playing, and getting kinky is part and parcel of the experience.  Particularly when it comes to virtual sex via anonymous adult cam services, there are no consequences or repercussions involved when being honest and open about your deepest and darkest fantasies.

Virtual sex offers a unique, customizable experience tailored to personal preferences and comfort levels. Whether exploring physical visuals or engaging in imaginative play, the methods outlined cater to various desires and needs. Utilizing these techniques can greatly enhance the intimacy and satisfaction of having virtual sex, making each session a unique exploration of fantasies. Ultimately, embracing virtual sex with openness and creativity can lead to fulfilling and exciting experiences.