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Common sexual fetishes

When it comes to sexual fetishes, there are hundreds of different types. While some are widely accepted in mainstream culture and understood by most, others may be new or lesser known.

Voyeurism is a common sexual fetish that involves observing other people engaging in sexual activities without them knowing. It can involve voyeurs watching through windows or using cameras to secretly film people having sex or even masturbating.

Sex dolls can take many forms, from realistic human replicas to wild fantasies and dress-up dolls designed to stimulate sexual fantasies. Dolls can be customized with different hair colors and hairstyles, skin tones, and sizes like petite sex dolls, clothes, piercings, and even makeup. Accessories such as dildos, vibrators, and outfits are also available for purchase separately. Most high-end sex dolls come with features such as movable mouths, eyes, or removable tongues for an enhanced experience in oral play.

Foot Fetishes are one of the most widespread fetishes and involve an attraction to feet, including massaging them, sucking on toes, licking foot soles, and kissing feet for sexual gratification.

Exhibitionism is another form of fetish involving the desire to expose oneself sexually in public places such as parks or even beaches. Those with an exhibitionist fetish usually derive pleasure from watching others’ reactions when they expose themselves unexpectedly to unsuspecting strangers.

Leather is one of the more popular fetishes within the BDSM community and involves a desire for leather clothing such as corsets, skirts, jackets, or harnesses for a heightened sexual experience as well as exploring power dynamics between partners engaging in role-play scenarios. Leather enthusiasts may also enjoy spanking with a leather paddle or crop as part of their experience.


Different Sexual Fetishes

-Ageplay: Roleplaying in which one or both members take on a different age than their own; this could range from high school students role-playing as babies or adults taking on roles of teenagers/children. The age difference between the couple usually varies but could also be none at all.

– Dream Fetishism: Fetish focused on dreaming of explicit scenarios with a partner (or even desirable strangers) and exploring dream fantasies including shape-shifting into animals, playing with impossible figures, having supernatural powers, etc.

– Objectum Sexuality (OS): A strong emotional attraction to an inanimate object such as a car, building, or clothing item; this is not necessarily exclusive to one specific item but usually singularized down to one individual object.

These are just some examples; there are many more category types out there and within each category, there is infinite variation! Exploring new sexual practices may help you discover hidden passions and potential preferences within your own sexuality — it never hurts to learn something new!

Fetishes that are considered taboo

Taboo fetishes can include anything from non-consensual activities to those that involve one of the parties experiencing pain or discomfort. Examples of fetishes that may be considered taboo in many circles include:

  • Blood/Vampire Fetish – Most often associated with vampires and darker sexual activities, this type of fetish involves drinking blood or being physically cut as part of a sexual act.
  • Knife Play/Cutting – This type of fetish involves the use of sharp objects during sex. It can range from mild (simply having the knife nearby) to extreme (physically cutting into the skin).
  • Asphyxiation – Also known as erotic asphyxiation, this activity involves diminishing oxygen supply to the brain for brief periods in order to increase intensity and pleasure during an orgasm.
  • Predicament Bondage – This particular type of bondage is specifically designed for testing physical strength and tolerances by placing an individual in precarious situations that require courage and self-control in order to escape from them.
  • Wax Play – This form of play typically entails using hot wax for both pleasure and pain during sex acts. Care must be taken here due to potential burning accidents caused by poorly managed wax play sessions.

The psychology behind sexual fetishes

A psychoanalytic explanation of why individuals form these associations suggests that the fetish serves as a symbolic representation of the fear of loss (or lack) of parental love during early childhood development. During puberty, the individual may be symptomatically reminded of their own desire for stable attachments in the form of given personal aid. To satisfy this subconscious longing attention and gratification are diverted away from interpersonal relations into self-pleasuring acts involving the item represented as a substitute for lost affection.

Evolutionary theories suggest that human sexuality is programmed into our brains at birth which metaphorically means people are “hardwired” to display certain behaviors or predilections when exposed to certain stimuli — such as an individual’s preference towards particular objects or body parts related to sex. Common psychological explanations might propose that previous experiences genetically create these types of associations; such as learning about sex through punishing acts in early childhood.

Help for those with dangerous fetishes

Finding support for those struggling with their exploration of potentially dangerous fetishes can be difficult; however, there are a number of resources available for individuals who wish to seek assistance in exploring such interests safely. Consulting with a psychotherapist who specializes in working with this population is one possible option. Additionally, there are online discussion boards that provide peer support where individuals can connect anonymously while discussing topics such as creating safe boundaries and learning new tricks and techniques in order to maximize pleasure while avoiding harm or danger. Lastly, attending workshops run by sexuality professionals is another way to help learn more about this particular sexual expression.


The exploration of sexual fetishes can be an exciting way to bring new levels of pleasure and connectivity into the bedroom. While there are many more than those mentioned here, this guide is a good starting point for understanding what kind of fetishes people enjoy. If you have found yourself intrigued enough to explore a certain fetish, it’s important to remember to be safe and informed about it. Research the subject matter, find other people that share your interest and do anything else you can do to ensure maximum safety if you decide to act on your desires.

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