The mistake escorts make when working professionally is putting their safety in their employers’ hands to Be A Good Escort. While this does appear to be the right thing to do, experts advise against it. No one is going to protect you when working as an escort in the sex industry. Your safety is solely your responsibility. Of course, your clients need not know this, but you need to be well aware of it.

Remember, it only takes one bad client to ruin your career, which is why it is even more important to be always on guard. Learn how to stay safe when escorting strangers to and from corporate dinners, high school reunions, vacations, family get-togethers, and other special events by heeding the tips provided below.

Plan A Meeting With Client And Employer To Be A Good Escort

Escorts have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. To be a good escort can bring a hefty profit, but not without risks. Every new client is a total stranger, in most cases. Under normal circumstances, most people would never escort a total stranger anywhere.

To ensure your safety, experts recommend an initial meeting with the client, escort, and employer. If the client has nothing to hide, he will not refuse an offer to meet you and your employer in a safe location.

If you can get the client to agree to the meeting, get prepared now. Make a list of topics you would like to discuss with your employer and the client. Most escort services, including Alligator, encourage their escorts to meet with clients in their offices in advance.


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Are Out-Of-Town Escort Services Dangerous?

It is not unusual for escort services to pick up clients who need an escort for out-of-town events. Not all escorts are willing to travel out of town with strangers. For those who are willing to escort clients to events in other states, there are risks involved. When you find yourself tasked with deciding to accept or deny an out-of-town escort request, speak with your employer first. Depending on your employers’ escort policy, out-of-town offers may be off the table.

Once you have the okay to move forward, obtain the details from the client before making your final decision. Why is this so important? Without the details of the event, you will be in the dark right from the get-go. For your own safety and well-being, obtain the details from the client. With the details in hand, you should conduct thorough research in the venue, city, and event.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings 

It is obvious, out-of-state escorting poses significantly more risks than local escorting. Now, this does not necessarily mean local escorting is 100 percent safe because it has some risks as well. Being aware of your surroundings at all times will help minimize these risks. When you reach your final destination, visually assess the area to determine what businesses, public facilities, and government entities are in close proximity. This information will prove valuable if ever the client puts you in a dangerous situation.

During a quick visual inspection of the area, take note of suspicious people. If someone, other than the client, begins to act strange, you will want to be the first person to know. Take a mental note of law enforcement offices, public transportation facilities, and other entities that could help if you find yourself in danger.

Don’t Accept All Sexual Offers To Be A Good Escort

Just ask any professional escort about the number of sexual offers they have received over their career. The answer will not be one, two, three, or four, it will be more like “I lost count”. As a new escort, you should expect to receive similar sexual offers. But you can pick and choose between these offers. Do not put yourself in a position where you are too uncomfortable.