Many consider anal sex improper, stigmatizing, and painful. Despite this, its popularity has grown with recent information proliferation. Let’s discuss the pleasures of anal sex and why it can feel so good!

Is anal sex painful?

Many believe anal sex is painful, but discomfort largely depends on the approach. Successful practice requires patience, communication, and trust.

Proper care, tolerance, suitable implements, and respecting the partner’s decision can make anal sex painless and incredibly pleasurable. Careful practice can unlock indescribable sensations of pleasure.

Why can anal sex feel so pleasurable?

Scientific studies reveal the anal area, rich in nerve endings, rivals the vagina in erotic potential as an erogenous zone.

Anal penetration pleasures men by directly stimulating the prostate and women through rectum, uterus, clitoral cross, and lower vagina.

The pleasure in anal sex can become so intense that anal orgasms can be achieved with the correct stimulation of the anus, touching with the fingers, with the lips, with the tongue, penetration and much more.  You can always get some tips from

In men, orgasms arise from intense prostate stimulation, requiring penetration about 5 cm deep to excite the ‘P-spot’. For women, anal orgasms occur when penetration indirectly stimulates the ‘A-spot’ in the vagina. This area’s dense nerve endings trigger significant lubrication and intense pleasure. The pleasure from this depth radiates throughout the body, creating incomparable waves of pleasure.


Exploring the Pleasure of Anal Sex - It Feels So Good

How to practice anal sex to make it pleasurable?

You must take into account what role you will play when practicing this type of sex.

If you are the one who will be penetrated:

1. Shower with hot water before the practice, to increase blood flow throughout the body, and take the opportunity to massage yourself to initiate the excitement.

2. Relax and wait until you are sufficiently aroused.

3. Involve erotic toys that are not exaggerated in size.

4. Maintain constant communication with your partner, indicate when to stop, and how to continue, as the receiver you must give instructions, so that the pleasure is maximum and there will be no pain, take all the time necessary.

5. A primordial aspect is the use of lubricant, it must be abundant, remember that the anus does not lubricate naturally as the vagina, so the lubrication necessary to avoid injuries that spoil the practice will depend on the amount of lubricant used.

If you are the one who will perform the penetration:

1. Keep your hands properly, nails short and filed, wash them properly, the use of soft lates gloves may be ideal.

2. Act patiently, gently, and take foreplay to the limits.

3. Use all the caresses that your imagination gives you, use your lips, your tongue, remember to touch the whole area, lick the buttocks, gently approaching the anus, use your fingers on the clitoris while you lick the inside of the anus, take your time and be patient, wait for the moment of maximum excitement and relaxation of your partner.

4. Don’t forget to keep a condom handy.

5. Use sufficiently lubricated fingers to explore the anus and stimulate with movements as you see here, ring the bell, make circles, simulate vibrations.

6.  Use the penis to apply gentle pressure, and practice penetration gently, varying the depths with great subtlety.

Remember that the most important thing is to achieve maximum pleasure for you and your partner, it is not a speed competition, it is about enjoyment, enjoyment, and pleasure of anal sex. .