Dating Types

What Is Your Dating Personality Type?

Learn Your Dating Personality Type Did you know everyone has a dating personality type? Well, it’s true. Even though we’re all different, there are certain habits we display while dating that are consistent. While most people consider predictability a monotonous… Read More

Online dating

Are Hook Up Apps Better Than Mainstream Dating Sites for Sexual Encounters?

Finding a sexual encounter just doesn’t work the same way that it did ten years ago. Finding a hook up use to simply mean getting dressed up and heading out to the single’s bar to see if you can get… Read More

single mums

7 Ways to Tell That His Feelings Are Genuine

There is a certain stage of dating that can be very strange indeed. Once you have been on plenty of dates and made things “exclusive”, but have probably not yet moved in with each other or embarked on any serious… Read More

webcam model

3 Killer Tips for Staying Safe when Visiting Cam Girls’ Websites

Everyone has a unique way of satisfying their fantasies, and you should not be ashamed of fulfilling your dreams. Visiting cam websites is one of the most incredible ways you can use to fulfill your sexual fantasies. There are many… Read More

online dating

Virtual dating – technology finds a solution during the pandemic

Dating isn’t easy in the best of times, but the Coronavirus pandemic has really put a strain on people’s relationships making virtual dating during the pandemic a preferred option whether you’re single or taken. Lockdown rules are changing every day,… Read More