Is your husband using an escort? It’s not uncommon to find that those using an escort service are lonely or want to explore an aspect of their sexuality in a place where they don’t feel judged. This is particularly true if they are worried that their partner might not be accepting of their true desires. It’s important not to judge someone for past or present use of these services.

Is Your Husband Using An Escort?

However, that is easier said than done if you find out that your husband or partner is using an escort. You may need tough conversations to understand their service use and plan how to move forward together. If you suspect your partner is using an escort, watch for these four signs.

1.   Showers Outside the Home or as soon as He Gets In

A sign your partner might be unfaithful is if they start showering elsewhere. For example, if he says he is going to the gym more often and showering there. He might also be keen to get in the shower straight away when he walks through the front door. You may have also noticed he is wearing different clothing from what he was wearing when he left.

2.   He is Being Secretive with His Phone or Laptop

Another indication that something isn’t right is if your partner suddenly starts being secretive with his phone or laptop. If he now dislikes you touching his devices and makes excuses, it’s a red flag. He might have also changed passwords so that you can’t access these devices when he is not around.

3.   He Doesn’t Want to Spend Money

Escort services can be expensive, particularly if someone is using them regularly. If your partner suddenly becomes frugal and avoids spending on dinners, home items, or vacations, it’s concerning. Their reluctance to spend as before may raise alarms. If you do share a bank account, check your statements or credit card bills to look for withdrawals you don’t recognize.

4.   He Is Going on Trips to Places Famous for Sex Tourism

Certain destinations in the world can attract many ‘sex tourists’ to that area. If your husband or partner is going on vacations with friends or business trips more often these days, check where the destinations are. If they are traveling to Amsterdam, Brazil, Cuba, Thailand, or Germany a lot, there is a chance they are using an escort there.

Germany, in particular, has had a thriving sex work scene since it was legalised there in 2002 – although there are restrictions still in many areas. For an example of what you can expect, the Essen-based website Erobella say: ‘Essen, and Germany as a whole, has seen an explosion of sauna clubs, private clubs, strip bars, swinger clubs, and brothels since the sex industry was legalised at the start of the century.’

These signs could indicate infidelity, not necessarily with an escort, so don’t jump to conclusions. However, if you do suspect this is happening, do some more investigating so that you can address the issue with your husband or partner and find out why they are turning to escorts. What comes next for your relationship will depend on if you can move forward together from this rough patch.