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6 Things You Can Do To Guarantee The Most Sexual 2024

The New Year is upon us and we are hear to help you guarantee the most sexual 2024. This being said, there is only one way to go into it and that is sexually charged and ready to take your sex life to a whole new forefront. New Years normally bring on a whole range of resolutions and new goals that no one normally sticks too, that’s why we see gyms packed out in January but empty mid February.

However, with a fresh decade being upon us, we can’t miss this opportunity to completely refresh one of the most important aspects of our lives. OUR SEX LIFE. When we are having fun and taking a playful path in the bedroom and really exploring our sexuality, you’ll find that this leaks into the rest of our life and has a positive impact on everything that we do. Below I am going to give 6 strategies that if explored and executed properly, can really kick you into a fresh start for the decade to come make you look forward to sex time and increase pleasure sex.

Increase your water intake:

Water is the life force for most living organisms on earth. We need at least 3.5L – 4.5L per day to help us properly function. Staying hydrated can signicicantly improve your sex life by giving you more energy as it helps fuel your cells, it also helps lubricates your joints which allow you to have more physical stamina and minimise the risk of cramps when it’s time to have fun. Increasing your water intake also allows your skin to glow more and look alot healthier, making you more more physically attractive to the opposite sex.

It’s time to hit the gym 4 times per week, my friend:

There are so many non-sexual health benefits to exercising at least 4 times per week which all some way drip into your performance in the bedroom. Cardio exercises helps improve your overall stamina by improving your cardiovascular health, meaning you won’t puff out so quickly when you’re thrusting. Strength/Weight training which 1. Boost your testosterone (for men) and build your muscles allowing you to hold yourself up for longer and also get the visual boost of having your muscles bulge. If you really want to step it up a notch, try stretching daily or taking a yoga class to get your range of motion working, this will help you get into positions you though could never be achieved!

exercise to increase sex drive

If you’re a male, STOP MASTURBATING:

Ever since I found out about NoFap and begun practicing it, it has had a profound impact on my life. You don’t realize how much minerals and vitamins you lose every time you ejaculate. By committing to cutting out porn and masturbation out of your life, a numerous amount of benefits that come from it, including:

Within the first week your testosterone will go up by 45%, you will feel more confident and get more looks from women because your body will be releasing stronger pheromones, you will be able to holder much better erections and last longer (People don’t realise that when they masturbate and cum quick this is due to habit which alter transfers into our sex life), your confidence in yourself will skyrocket and you will be able to build muscle a lot faster due to there being more protein and testosterone in your body.



This one is very simple yet commonly gets left behind. Exploring what you as an individual are into and if you have a partner, what they are into, is one of the most important things you can do. Take the time to sit down with your partner and understand what they like and what they want to explore more of without any judgment. Go into your local adult store and ask the staff on new products, entry level products for particular kinks that you want to dive deeper into.

Most adult stores have starter kits or toy packs which are great first time starter packs and will help you ease your way into the toy world without intimidation. If you want to dive straight in, be sure to always go for more premium quality sex toys as quality always ends with great longevity.

Most Sexual 2024

Learn to Communicate:

Communication is critical in a relationship and in general life. Knowing how to properly articulate what you want and what you are into sexually can mean the difference between a fun sex life and a unfulfilled sex life. Learn how to best communicate to your partner without settling and minimizing yourself and what you are after. You’ll find that when you communicate with honesty and authenticity, you are more likely to get what you are after. Perhaps change it up and get into some sexting with your partner.


Learn to Meditate:

What only a small minority of our society realise, is that relaxation is the key to life. Being relaxed in all situations allows you to think clearer and be able to handle your emotions with more efficiency and ease. This is both extremely beneficial for both genders. Males that meditate tend to be in a more relaxed state which allows them to stress less and perform better. Being relaxed means they have less pressure on themselves to perform. Woman that meditate are in a more relaxed state meaning it is much easier for them to climax and if they are in the ultimate state of relaxation and pleasure, squirt.


By focusing on hydration, fitness, exploration, communication, and relaxation, you’ll enhance your sexual experiences. Remember, increasing water intake improves energy and attractiveness. Regular exercise boosts stamina and strength. Embrace NoFap for increased confidence and better erections. Explore new pleasures and communicate openly with your partner. Incorporate meditation to stay relaxed and improve performance. By integrating these strategies, you’ll ensure a fulfilling and exciting sex life in the new year.

Be sure to take these 6 tips with you into 2024 to give you the ultimate sexual boost for the start of the decade.

This post was contributed by a consultant from the adult lifestyle centers.