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How To Tell That His Feelings Are Genuine

There is a certain stage of dating that can be very strange indeed. During this time it can be difficult to tell that his feelings are genuine. Once you have been on plenty of dates and made things “exclusive”, but have probably not yet moved in with each other or embarked on any serious life adventures together, this is the stage where you can start to fall for each other and transition from just dating to becoming a serious couple. 

This time is often extremely exciting, as feelings get stronger and you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see him. However, this time can also be confusing: it is common to wonder if he is feeling the same way as you are! You may have even exchanged “I love you”s, but is he saying it because he means it or just saying it back? In this guide, we will look at seven ways that you can tell that his feelings are genuine.

He smiles when you smile

A man who has genuine feelings for you will feel as if the two of you almost have shared emotions. When you are sad, he will feel sad too. When you are happy, he will share your happiness. If he smiles when you smile or laugh, and seems to take pleasure in your happiness, he most likely has an emotional attachment to you.


He is willing to put effort into your relationship

One of the differences between a girl that he is only interested in casually and a girl that he is emotionally attached to is the amount of effort that he puts into all aspects of the relationship. Often, if a guy does not have more than a shallow interest in a woman, you will see a drop in the amount of effort he makes as soon as he has her attention and they are dating each other. He may become lazy, not answer text messages, or cancel plans. 


If your man is interested in continuing your relationship for the long term, he is more likely to keep putting effort into things like arranging nice dates, doing you favors, or even simple things like sending good morning texts if you are apart.

His body language matches his words

It can be easy for somebody to say that they have feelings for you, but sometimes people’s actions do not match their words. When you are looking out for signs he loves you, pay attention to his body language. Often, our body language gives away our true feelings and intentions, as it is largely subconscious.

tell that his feelings are genuine

A man who has feelings for you is likely to make eye contact with you a lot and lean towards you rather than away from you. He may also do things like brush your hair out of your eyes, brush pieces of dust off your clothes, or touch your shoulder.

He talks about you to others

Most of us tend to find ourselves talking a lot about people that we are emotionally attached to. Of course, you may not know what your man talks about to his friends and family when you are not there! However, if you find out that he has been speaking highly of you, this is a good sign.


You may find this out when you meet one of his friends or family members. If they say that they have “heard a lot about you”, this is likely to mean that he sees you as very important in his life and talks about you often.

He supports you and confides in you

Partners with a close connection almost always show support to each other. While some people are simply caring and helpful to everyone around them, even these people are likely to be extra supportive to those they love. If he does everything he can to support you when you need help, this is a good sign.


Support goes both ways. Men are often told not to show emotions or ask support of others. If he confides in you and asks you for support, this may be because he really trusts you and loves you enough to take this risk.

He wants to be the best he can be for you

Being in love with someone can often inspire us to improve ourselves. This may be to impress them, or it may be to prove to them (or to ourselves) that we are worth their attention and affections. If he starts trying to change his bad habits or work on his personal issues since dating you, this may be the case.


If he loves you, he will want the best for you. This includes holding himself to a higher standard than he would for someone that he did not care so much about.

He makes plans for your shared future

A man who is not interested or invested in a relationship may change the conversation if the topic of future plans comes up. While everyone moves at different speeds in relationships, if you have been together for a few months and he refuses to talk about future plans like moving in together, he may not be in it for the long haul.


If he is happy to talk about these things or even brings up these conversations himself, he is likely to have genuine feelings for you.


Ultimately, everyone develops feelings at different speeds and indifferent ways. In addition, some people are more emotionally guarded than others. Don’t panic if he is not showing one or more of these signs—men can often keep their feelings to themselves!


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Emma enjoys observing and exploring the world around her and writing about her discoveries. Human relationships is her favorite topic, and she likes to analyze them from a psychological perspective. She is a contributing author at Thought Catalog, Divorced Moms, Let’s Hang Out, GoDates, and several other media outlets.

sex hacks

Things to Enjoy After Great Sex

Did you know that there are many things to do after sex to make the moment even better? After sex hacks come in handy when you want to hold on to the great connection you shared.

Forget about turning to your side to fall swiftly asleep since many sex hacks come in handy. While sex is about the thrill of the moment, what follows is just as crucial to your relationships.

Therefore, after landing a date from the best dating sites and heading home, what’s next? Here are some of the best sex hacks to weave into your special evening.

5 After Sex Hacks You Can Do

1. Turn on Your Favorite Show

Instead of turning to your side to catch up on some sleep, a good sex hack is to turn on your favorite show and enjoy it together.

Sharing a good movie or watching the latest episode of an epic series helps your bond get stronger, making your relationship to be more than just the physical connection you shared moments ago. You can discuss it or sit still while in each other’s arms as you enjoy the experience.

2. Bring out a Game

Do you both enjoy playing scrabble or Ps5?

There are no better sex hacks than playing a game together after orgasm. Games have a way of bonding two people together and are a great option when you want to grow your relationship.

As you compete to see who wins, you learn more about each other and deepen your connection. Pick a game you both enjoy as a couple or try those your partner likes. There are even adult themed games you can use in the bedroom.

There’s nothing as great as an excellent competitive moment to make you feel hot for each other all over again.

sex 21 card game
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3. Lots of Cuddling

Picture this: your steamy session is over, and now there’s an awkward silence between you as you wonder what comes next.

Well, turn to your partner and invite them in for a cuddle. At this moment, you get to release a vital hormone known as oxytocin or ‘cuddle hormone.’

The hormone is released when you snuggle up against each other and is crucial when it comes to creating an incredible bond.

As you snuggle, you learn to be comfortable around each other and foster a special bond associated with positive feelings. Consider this as you search for sex tips life hacks for your new relationship.

4. Take a Shower Together

A steamy session that culminates in plenty of orgasms means lots of sweat. That’s right.

Hot passionate sex makes you sweat a lot, and another hack about sex is taking a shower together. You can put off wiping your partner and instead head to the bathroom together.

As you bathe, you can strengthen your bond with lots of kissing, leading to another round. After that, you dry yourselves and hop into bed for some necessary sleep.

5. Talk

As much as you want to lay your head on the pillow and drift off, try talking – having a conversation after is one of the most critical safe sex hacks. It makes everyone feel appreciated and seen rather than just used for sexual pleasure. Do this, even if it’s just a one-night stand after a date.

You never know what outcome you can get from a simple conversation.

What’s next after sex? Use our aftersex hacks to prevent any awkward feelings. Cuddling, talking, showering, playing a game, or watching TV helps the moment get even better.

Do you have any questions on this topic? Please leave us a comment below.

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. She is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.