Sexting Forums can be such fun foreplay, do you agree? You probably do, considering you are here. But there is something every sext lover has to know – many sexting sites are scams! Do you spend a lot of time on sexting forums? These sites in particular are filled with scams and illegal stuff. And it is never too late to learn the truth! And while not all sexting forums are the same, our experience tells us that most of them are bad for you. You can encounter people who can seriously harm you.

What are the bad aspects of sexting forums?

  1. Sexting Forums Are a Great Place to Trick People for Money

  2. How scammers take advantage of horny men in forums
  3. Hacking attempts to steal the content
  4. Where should the horny men go when they want to chat?


1. Sexting Forums Are a Great Place to Trick People for Money

You think you go to a forum and you see a naked hottie. In fact, you see many of them, lined up there like meat in a butchery.  All these girls exposed certain parts of their bodies, and they usually smile at you. They are sweet, young and sexy. Mostly fit, with assets to die for. And you have so many sites with ads like that! Want to meet some horny women near you? And you click because you do want it. What happens next? You open a scam!

  1. How scammers take advantage of horny men in forums

Sexting forums are particularly suitable for scams of this kind. First of all, the tricksters that create them know horny men that need nudity will be here. One simple keyword and voila – you are on a sexting forum. It is easy to create an account there, there are no real regulations… Anyone can do it. So, what scammers do is prepare content of naked babes.  Now, how do they even find this content if it is not theirs? They steal it! There are many ways to do so. They either find a sex site and take the content from it. Illegally.  Or they do even worse things! They manipulate naïve girls to send them nudes. When they do, these men sell their risqué content, and the girls do not even know!

  1. Hacking attempts to steal the content

And there is a third option… Some of them hack phones. They steal from other dudes and random girls. As you can see, everything is a bad alternative. No matter how they get their hands on this content, what they do is wrong. Very unethical and illegal. Even when the girls know about it, they are just victims of serious-case manipulators. And you do not want to fap to nudes that are not even legal, do you? When you say it is not consensual, it can’t be sexy.

4. Where should the horny men go when they want to chat?

If you really want to see nudes of real girls, no scam, you should choose Arousr, OnlyFans, Zoosk, and sites that are legitimate. For example, check out the live available girls at arousr. Girls that are really into sex work and any kind of sexting choose a site with a good reputation. Why? They know these sites are profitable! They read it from others or someone they know has already tried it.  These girls are not naïve, they have their sources and their loyal customers. And this is not for everyone.

The minute you realize that this person is complaining about money or suggesting to meet in person, but not at a public place, it is a big red flag. Why let scammers make a fool out of you? Always ask them to confirm their identity and check them out on social media.

So, sexting forums are not good. If you find nudity there, know that it is mostly illegal! These people take from others without permission. Celebs or unknown babes, this is always a big scam and don’t fall for it!