Everyone has the urge of looking good and attract to the opposite sex or their preferred sexual genre because it makes them more confident about their overall appearance. If you want to attract the opposite sex but you don’t live and breathe fashion, then you will need to look for ways to get the desired outcome. There might be many reasons why you want to look good it can be

  • that you want to go on a date or become a centre of attraction.
  • so that you can get into a serious relationship.
  • to express your body image and body language.

These things play a crucial role in helping you attract someone you like. But the dress that you wear has a huge impact on your overall appearance and the manner in which others perceive you. It is extremely important that you opt for the right dressing combination so that you will get the look that personifies you as an individual. Choose the right accessories along with your clothes for completing the entire look, but be sure that every fashion item chosen complements the other.

Making sincere and conscious efforts can be a great way of achieving what you want so that the opposite sex will be more responsive towards you. You will also be able to turn him/her on with the right dress sense so that you will reach your goal. Great clothes and confidence can make the man or woman and is sure fire way to make you look enabling you to carry yourself well wherever you go. You should exude charm and elegance for attracting the opposite sex but don’t forget to follow the right dressing rules.


Fashion tips to attract the opposite sex


Create the right first impression

We are visual creatures and attracted to the things that we see. This is the reason why you need to dress to impress, so that you can successfully attract someone you like of the opposite sex.

Pay attention to your body type

When choosing the perfect dress, you need to emphasize your best features – like your curves or muscles, so that the dress that you choose complements your overall appearance. Don’t hide your best features under layers of clothing, but try to accentuate your body features with the right dressing sense. Avoid wearing loose clothes as it will make you appear fatter and bigger than you actually are. While flaunting your body, don’t go overboard but try to dress elegantly so that you can attract the opposite gender in an effortless manner.

Opt for a well fitted suit

Suits are a highly regarded dress both for men and women who want to get a formal look. You can always look attractive when you choose a well fitted suit so that the opposite sex will notice you without fail. This is the most dressed up attire for men and it should be of the right measurements for helping you get a perfect look.

Don’t underestimate white tees with denims

This is a class combination for both the sexes as it is comfortable, attractive and easily enhance your overall appeal. A white t-shirts that fits correctly can be extremely flattering but make sure that you choose tees that are neither too tight nor too baggy. Always choose for denims with tapered and slim cut so that it will graze your shoe’s top. But while picking any piece of clothing, you will need to choose the perfect jeans from among the different fits that are available.


Choose chinos

This is an excellent cotton fabric that can be complemented with the right kind of t-shirts and shirts. Chinos pants are known to be a popular formal wear that can also be worn with rolled up sleeves for a casual look. But always choose a well fitted tapered chino that is neither too baggy nor too tight for turning on any girl that you love.

Play with colors

Colors acts as a trigger to attract the opposite sex and when you want to impress someone you need to dress in the right colored outfits. Women look flawlessly beautiful while wearing any dress in red and black which is sure to make men notice them. There are many colors that men can choose for flooring women over and choosing lemon yellow, light sea green, sky blue and baby pink are perfect color for men.

So regardless of what your sexual preference is – when you wish to dress to impress your long-term partner or first date, these simple tips can certainly help.


Author Bio – Rick is the owner of Adultsmart, an online adult lifestyle blog. He has been involved in adult lifestyle topics for more than 30 years. Rick is an active sex blogger who provides a wealth of information and experience. He is an advocate of equality for gender and sexuality.  His articles have been featured on Huffington Post, Elle, Mens Health, Medium, Vocal and many other lifestyle and health blogs.